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A DIY Candy Coloured Pom Pom Wedding

When we first met Anna&Oli, we were sat in their gorgeous brewery conversion apartment, chatting about all their wedding ideas, colour schemes, handmade invitations, guest lists, Sicilian family and inevitable glorious food, but all the while I had my eye on the hula hoop in the corner! I just couldn’t resist, so, stood in the middle of the kitchen, I proceeded to frantically swivel my hips – this wedding photography booking left hanging in the balance! Thankfully Anna&Oli went and booked us anyway, despite my dismal hooping skills- something about “making them feel relaxed”, so I guess there’s something to be said for making a fool of yourself in front of potential clients!

Before Penny digressed to hula hooping, they told us all about Oli’s romantic proposal in Anna’s favourite Sicilian town, Taormina. Anna spent her summers there with her family as a child and she said that now it felt like he was a part of Sicily and her wonderful memories there! Swooon!

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The morning preparations at The Shelleys in Lewes, were full of calm, sweet Sicilian nibbles, champagne, scotch, thoughtful presents and subsequent tears- everything one would hope for! It means a lot that Anna felt at ease too; “I really could not have asked for a more lovely, calm person to have around me on my wedding morning- Penny truly was a star and the photos of the morning were perfect and everything I imagined.” (Shucks)

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I always ask if the bride would like shots in her specially selected bridal lingerie, or if she’d just prefer me to skip straight to fastening the dress. My heart sinks a little (though I completely understand), when she says she’d rather not. The thing is, there’s really no need to put the pressure on yourself to pose for the photos Boudoir style- photos of you running round in those luxurious skimpies, preparing to step in to your wedding dress are just as, if not more beautiful- as Anna here is demonstrating wonderfully, (in underwear from Ouh La La in Brighton incidentally)! Of course we don’t all have her immaculate figure, but believe me, there are ALWAYS perfect photographic angles for every shape and size! (Garter from

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Anna&Oli were particularly worried about the weather in the lead up to their big day. In fact we met up with them a week before  the wedding (on a particularly cold and blustery day) specifically to go through a wet wedding plan! “They were brilliant at calming my nerves… this really was godsend to a hysterical bride a week before the wedding!”  Anna was so thankful when she woke up on the morning of her wedding to glorious sunshine! “I almost burst into tears. I literally felt like the luckiest girl in the world that morning. My mum passed away 16 years ago and I like to think that this was her special gift to us.”  Anna tied her mother’s wedding ring into her dress, so that she could keep her close on her special day- a beautiful touch, that actually brought a tear to my eye.

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I love writing these blog posts and gathering as much wedding inspiration and info as I can! I don’t know if people actually read it or just look at the pictures, but if you are reading this, please leave a comment below so I know! Anyway, Anna is a reader (thank you), and actually found her wedding shoes through a link to Rachel Simpson on our blog! And just how beautiful are they?!

Anna’s dress was from Leonie Claire Bridal Boutique in Brighton. It was a Justin Alexander design that she had adjusted to a sweetheart neckline. She wanted us to mention that she would highly recommend Leonie Claire to any bride to be as  they were so friendly, welcoming and accommodating.

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One of our favourite wedding details was the pom pom confetti… homemade pom pom confetti! Adorable! Anna wanted us to give a shout out to everyone who helped her make them after deciding to do them just a month before the wedding, and also to the person who got her right in the face as they walked up the aisle!

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Urgh the temptation of that ‘treats table’ was immense! It looked AMAZING, sat proud in the centre of The Shelleys entrance hall, bursting with colour and fragrance! They had all the best penny sweets, marshmallows, Smarties and even homemade cupcakes and fudge from Roly Poly fudge shop in the Brighton Lanes (which I may have sneaked a tiny chunk of, thanks to some hefty encouragement from one of the guests)! Everyone loved it!  They were all running off to get their sweets and cake in time for the speeches!

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Anna had lots of lovely friends helping her to make all sorts of wonderful bits for the wedding. There was an assortment of padded fabric hearts hanging in the marquee and around the venue, as well as in their birdcage centre pieces, designed by Greenfingers florist in Worthing. Another shout out to Lucy and Amy for putting hours of work into helping her make these! Anna&Oli designed and made the little place names and the table plan which was displayed on a birdcage silhouette from The Range

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Anna’s super-talented friend Daisy designed her wedding invitations and another little production line of friends made them. The design was so cute, we actually used it for the cover of Anna&Oli’s alternative wedding album. The fabric hearts inspired the spread design too!


“Once we began comparing Penny and Martin’s pictures to others we had identified there was no comparison… we both loved how artistic every picture was… They made us feel incredibly relaxed, this was a major winner for me as I hated having my photo taken and I wanted someone there who understood what we wanted and made me feel relaxed. I also regularly went on the website and I just loved how enthusiastic and passionate they both were about weddings and the couples that they photographed- it really was a charming quality that appealed to us… On the day of the wedding Penny and Martin were fab- I completely forgot they were there, which was exactly what I wanted. I really did think that this would not be the case but they proved me wrong!… When the photos arrived it was so great to see what Oli had been up to in the morning and Martin got some great shots that made me feel jealous I was not at the pub!… Penny and Martin came and met with us to discuss the design of our wedding album- again their ideas were original and exactly what we wanted. When the album arrived I was so pleased with it, it is exquisite and unique. It truly is something that Oli and I will treasure forever and I can’t thank Penny and Martin enough for that gift.” Anna&Oli (Read the rest of their testimonial here).


Additional mentions:

Bridal hair piece- Polly Edwards from Leonie Claire.
Bridal earrings-
Pearl necklace- a vintage shop in Brighton recommended by Leonie Claire.
Hair&make-up by friends. 
Oli’s tailored wedding suit- from Hugo Boss in Brighton.
Bridesmaids’ dresses- Coast and own shoes.
Engagement ring and wedding rings- Number 10 Brighton.
Wedding cake by one of the bridesmaids.
Wedding band- Soul City.


Anna&Oli’s wedding was featured on Boho Weddings

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