A Wedding Album Voucher Gift List... with Complimentary Thank You Cards

Many couples nowadays, set up home together long before they’re married, so the idea of traditional wedding gifts is pretty much out the window! Some people ask for monetary gifts towards their honeymoon, or simply for ‘their future together’. We’d like to offer another option – one that your friends and family will love too, because they will be able to give you an actual tangible gift, one that they can hold and enjoy too, and one that they know you will treasure – your wedding photo album. The Album Kitty service is a wedding album voucher gift list, with a personalised, password protected greeting/contact page, from which your family and friends can request printable e-vouchers - see example.

You will also have access to a password protected list of contributions, so that you know who to thank after the wedding. As part of The Album Kitty service, we offer complimentary fine art thank you cards featuring your favourite wedding photo, left blank inside for your hearts and flowers – the quantity would be equivalent to the number of contributions, but you may of course order more should you need to.

If the contributions exceed your target, your vouchers can be put towards any other Tino&Pip product. If the contributions don’t quite reach your target, you can top up the Kitty after the wedding to purchase your album.


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A Loving, Quirky Seaside Wedding in Whistable

Blue & Green Seaside Wedding in Kent-007

When we first met Rachael&Dan, they seemed completely laid back, and when they told us about their aim for the perfect relaxed wedding day, we could really see how well that would work for them. It turned out to be one of the beautiful and calm wedding days we’ve seen! When it came to finding a venue, Rachael&Dan found the perfect surprise when they Googled wedding venues in Whitstable  (where they had got engaged) and found The Beacon House, where they could get married almost right next to the sea (which is something of a miracle in England with its outdated marriage laws!).

Tino&Pip Photography Rachael&Dan-211

With beach huts a-plenty right next to The Beacon House, we were utterly spoilt for choice when it came to taking photos of the two of them on their own, and the seclusion as they hid amongst the huts was the perfect opportunity for them to relax a little after the excitement of getting married, and just enjoy spending some time together! The colours were just perfect for those seaside tones too.

Blue & Green Seaside Wedding in Kent-001Blue & Green Seaside Wedding in Kent-003 Blue & Green Seaside Wedding in Kent-004

Of course we couldn’t resist including some of the amazing details in the venue itself, and Rachael and Dan had considered their own details perfectly, from the invite design to the rings and shoes – they all worked so well in the shabby chic venue with its collections of seaside trinkets.

A Quirky Whistable Seaside Wedding by Tino&Pip Photography-102Blue & Green Seaside Wedding in Kent-001-2

There were loads of quirky, alternative ideas to keep people entertained, including asking each guest to choose and make an origami animal, maps for guests to make paper aeroplanes to trow as confetti, and one we certainly haven’t seen before: the Anglo-Australian food similarity competition (Marmite vs Vegemite, Polo mints vs Lifesavers etc). Not quite sure who won that one! As a surprise, Rachael’s dad arranged for a troupe of Morris dancers to appear at the venue! Their faces were a picture! Instead of a ‘wedding cake’, Rachel&Dan had a stack of chocolate brownies, adorned with flags and curly candles, which they blow out together rather than ‘cutting the cake’ – why not huh?! 

Blue & Green Seaside Wedding in Kent-008 Blue & Green Seaside Wedding in Kent-009

Between the amazing buffet food and the evening festivities, Rachael&Dan invited their families to join them wading in the sea, whether they were equipped with boots or not – it was a rather lovely moment as dads decided kicking seawater at their kids was thoroughly entertaining. Not sure the kids were quite in agreement! They were then asked to collect a pebble each for the couple to keep as a kind of abstract guestbook – definitely our favourite alternative guest book idea we’ve encountered so far!

Blue & Green Seaside Wedding in Kent-010

 “It seems like you summed up the day just perfectly.  Some of them even made us cry! In a good way! There is one particular photo that had Dan back in the moment and he suddenly felt nervous all over again! That’s the skill you have, so thank you!!!” Rachael&Dan (Read the rest of their testimonial here).




Kind words from Amy&Lee

“Thank you both so much for such beautiful photos of our big day. You captured all the special moments so well and we are so happy with how they all came out. Truly beautiful pics and we love how natural they are – shows everyone having fun in a non-posey way!! You were both amazing on the day, we couldn’t have asked for better photographers!! We will certainly be recommending you to our engaged friends!” Amy&Lee

An OhSo Brighton Wedding

Given how fickle the British weather can be, we reckon Heather&Pawel were pretty thankful to have such a gorgeously sunny day for their Brighton wedding, where parasols rather than umbrellas were the order of the day. The good weather certainly rubbed off on this lovely couple, who were super excited all day long, and which made for some really fun shots when we were alone with just the two of them!

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-234Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-267Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-092

The whole wedding party had a stroll in the sun as they made their way from the ceremony at Brighton Town Hall to the beach, where they were served fish and chips in the rather quirky OhSo bar – we loved the touches of Americana in there, and it worked perfectly with Heather’s bright yellow 50s petticoat.

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-157Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-022

We often say to our couples that it can be a really nice touch if there’s a chance of one of them getting ready in their own home – there are often a lot of things we find that reflect the personalities of a couple, or a particular point in their life which they can look back on. Heather&Pawel were in the middle of renovating their home, and we really felt we were being thrown into a significant moment of change in their lives, and hopefully we managed to reflect this in their photos too!

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-203

After a fun ride on a Big Lemon bus, Heather&Pawel, along with their guests, arrived at their venue for the evening – the rather spectacular Proud Cabaret, which was an absolute joy to work in because of the incredible lighting. Although it’s one of the darker venues we’ve shot in, the light was actually really challenging and fun to work with, and we’re so thrilled with the results.

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-353

The guests were asked to draw self-portraits for Heather&Pawel’s guest book, and hang them up so everyone could see – we even used Pawel’s sister’s drawings of the couple when we designed their wedding album cover, and it looked simply amazing!

Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-004

“OH MY GOODNESS!! UNBELIEVABLE! We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Every single one! Thank you so much, you are both amazing! Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day – you have given us the most beautiful memories that we can look back on forever.” Heather&Pawel (Read the rest of their testimonial here).