10 Little Pointers...

We just LOVE an engagement shoot! It’s the perfect way for us to get to know you - your love story, what makes you smile, laugh and click as a couple, and how to get the best out of you on your big day! Many people are a little camera shy, so having an idea of what to expect, and getting a little practice in, will help you to relax and enjoy your wedding day couple shots. Best of all, it’s fun, quality time for you as a couple, a unique keepsake, a snap shot of your time together before you were married, and perhaps an opportunity to get some killer shots for your ‘save the dates’ or wedding invitations. In fact some of our couples have scattered them around their wedding venue or through their guest books, and even displayed them as centrepieces (with makes us very happy)!

Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-017Wedding Portfolio-009

1.  Location… These photos represent a snippet in time. We’ll discuss your favourite places or activities and use them as inspiration for the shoot. Your home is the perfect place to start – it’s comfortable, and people tend to pour their hearts into making their homes THEIR HOMES! Or how about the park you stroll in regularly, your favourite pub or coffee shop, junk shop, record shop, punting down the river even!? Perhaps consider your history as a couple – where did you meet? Whatever screams YOU!


2. Relax… Be yourself. It’s best when you can really relax and let your personality shine though. We don’t ask you to force a smile or give us your best Blue Steel, we just hang back and encourage you to simply interact with each other naturally. This may seem easier said, but with the right photographer you’ll soon get into the swing of it! In fact we’ll have a blast – honest!

Wedding Portfolio-045

3.  Clothes… Wear what makes you feel like YOU – something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Your personality shows through much more in your YOU clothes. Consider that your clothes should complement each others, without being too matchy! Steer away from outfits that are so smart or special that you’re afraid sit on that gorgeous bench with peeling paint, or lean against an old wall or a tree in the park!

4.  Timing… Consider light and colour – gentle early morning or golden hour evening light (the hour before sunrise or sunset) is perfect for any photo shoot, and it’s amazing how much of a difference this can make to the final result. Of course this doesn’t matter so much if we’re shooting indoors.


5.  Change it up… Maybe bring some different clothes to change things up a little – even if it’s just a extra jacket, it’s great for variety in your photos.

6.  Props?… Cute details shots are great to illustrate your interests, whether it’s funky headphones for the music-lover or a book or two for the quieter types, or a selection of sparkly headbands… oh and don’t forget the ring! Don’t force it though – if it doesn’t quite feel right, and it’s just not YOU, it’ll just look awkward. Don’t worry, your photos will look great regardless!

Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-002

7. Pets… Pets are great too, but if you bring a dog with you for example, make sure he/she has somewhere else to go so we can have you to ourselves for the rest of the shoot without any distractions! 

8.  Be brave… Classic shots are lovely, but push, push, push the boundaries! OWN your engagement photos… the phrase ‘you know the one where’ has no place here!!

Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-022

9. Mindset… Get in the right mindset – chat about the shoot with your partner in the few days leading up to the shoot, and really build up your excitement so that on the day you…

10… have fun!!! We really want our couples to enjoy themselves and spend some quality time which is why we encourage you to wear your favourite things and go to your favourite places – we want you to feel as comfortable as possible so you can really relax, enjoy and remember the shoot!


'Doodle Love Map' Bespoke Alternative Wedding Album Design

For Cemile&Adam’s wedding album design we used the theme from their amazing Paper Fudge wedding stationery - ”A Doodle Love Map Wedding Invitation - A hand drawn, bespoke, doodle style design featuring place names and icons relevant to your love story.” Cute right?!

We just love delivering albums, mostly because it gives us a chance to catch up with our lovely couples, and Cemile&Adam’s reaction really overwhelmed us! A great way to start the run-up to Christmas!


A Bold Urban London Wedding Threaded With Turkish Inspiration

Adam is a keen photographer himself, so to him especially, their wedding photography was a big deal. They didn’t want just any old photographer, they wanted one whose work spoke to their inner artists! They’re not centre-of-attention types either, so they were more comfortable with fly-on-the-wall style photography with some natural (and beautifully urban) photos of the two of them in their finery thrown in! We were a match!

Urban London City Wedding-009Urban London City Wedding-010

When we met with them for the first time, Cemile&Adam told us that when they first got engaged they had absolutely no idea of what they wanted to do, or even where they wanted to do it! Cemile is Turkish, so they initially considered getting married in Istanbul, but having lived in London since she was 5, it seemed like the more obvious choice. They would of course be throwing in as many Turkish features as possible to bring the two worlds together.

Urban London City Wedding-008Urban London City Wedding-007

In their search for a London wedding venue, a few places were surprisingly poor at getting back to them which didn’t fill them with confidence as you can imagine – there’s nothing more frustrating right?! They wanted a venue that would take care of them and embrace their ideas – they didn’t want to feel like they were on a wedding conveyor belt! They then had a eureka moment… a restaurant! Cemile searched ‘London, restaurant, 140 people’ and The Baltic popped up. She had been going to The Baltic on and off for 10 years and loved the food, service and atmosphere – done!

Urban London City Wedding-003

Adam met Cemile at their apartment where she and the girls were getting ready, and they went to Islington Town Hall together, families in tow, on an old Routemaster, and then on to the Baltic, with a tour of London along the way, especially fun for all Cemile’s relatives that had come from around the world! It was wonderful to see the bride and groom walking down the aisle, hand in hand!

Urban London City Wedding-004

Cemile chose Jeni Dodson to do her hair and make up. She was asked to buy a few fabric flowers for Jeni to create a masterpiece on the day.  Well, Cemile ended up with about 40 for Jeni to choose from and what a result! 

Urban London City Wedding-005

Their heart-shaped confetti was lovingly handmade by Adam’s step-mum from a world map and a romantic novel, mixed with pink and purple hearts.

Urban London City Wedding-011

When we asked Cemile about bridesmaids, she told us that she just didn’t feel comfortable having four grown women dressed in the same dress following her around!  It just wasn’t her.  They did organize her hen do, they helped her to get ready, looked after her all day and then all got very drunk and cried at the end of the evening! Cemile organized a surprise massage on the morning of the wedding, and for them to have their hair done professionally.  They all looked amazing and got to wear their own dresses!

Urban London City Wedding-015

Cemile&Adam had spent some time prior to the wedding really searching for places where we could take photos of just the two of them, and it really paid off. As we wandered between their favourite locations, we saw a whole load of great places ourselves, and they were just unbelievably relaxed about trying things out – they were plain enjoying themselves and we ended up with some amazing photos! 

♥ “We wanted reportage photography with an artistic and creative feel.  Something modern and different with limited posing.  Photos where the artistic quality of the photo in itself  was a pleasure to look at and not just because it was of us or our wedding day.  Photos which were able to capture those little moments so we could remember them for the rest of our lives… Looking through the photos transports us back to the day, the people, the emotions and the places… Unbelievable.  The collection of photos are without a doubt the best wedding photos we have ever seen.  They are EXACTLY what we were looking for.  Photos that are beautiful in their own artistic merit…” Read more…




Happy New Year!!

Hope you had a cracking celebration last night… I have to admit, we are a little bleary eyed whilst writing this post, although it has been in the making for a few weeks now, so hopefully it is suitably coherent! We’ve been looking at the wild New Year weather outside (which I’m rather a fan of actually! Mx), and picking out some of our favourite moments from 2013…. here’s one…

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-203

The wind today is really reminding us of Jess&Olly’s wedding day, when there was a mad gale blowing most of the way through. As we’ve mentioned, we’re not averse to some crappy weather, and a broody day can really add something to photos if you shoot it right. In fact for Jess&Olly, it added some wonderfully wild motion to the shots! We can’t wait to blog the rest of this gorgeous wedding soon!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Olly-258

We completely understand that for some people, the thought of photos with smokers from their wedding day doesn’t quite fit in with their vision. Well, our inner artists don’t play by these rules – this shot of Susa and her sister is just so honest in its storytelling, it quickly became one of our favourites last year. (From Susa&Pete’s wedding).

Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-097

It’s easy to forget when you are the centre of attention and sharing such an intensely emotional day with your friends and family, that there is a cadre of people working behind-the-scenes to make your day as close to perfect as possible. Our couples will often be as excited about photos of moments they didn’t experience themselves as the moments they did. The choir at this London chapel sang the most beautiful hymn just outside the chapel to announce the bride’s entrance, and it stopped the guests in their tracks – we had goosebumps because of the atmosphere, so peaceful and anticipatory. Yet this was a journey for the choir too, and Penny took this cracking shot of three of the choirboys clearing up after the ceremony, getting ready to carry on with their weekend.

Tino&Pip Photography Jemma & Nick-229

We have to be honest: we have a somewhat unusual relationship with London when it comes to weddings – its size and sprawl certainly makes travel that little bit more interesting on the day, but when it comes to photography, it just keeps giving. There are endless possibilities in that urban space, and we’ve photographed a number of London-based couples who have really embraced their environment, and been completely at ease having their photo taken in the most random places we can find! Jemma&Nick’s November wedding threw us into the world of London’s stunning nightscapes, where even the oddest little corners can provide beautiful spaces for couple shots. (Shall be blogging this beauty soon)!

Tino&Pip Photography Jemma & Nick-257

Go with the flow – that’s how we shoot, and we don’t expect anyone to change what they’re doing to suit us. Some people really catch on to how we shoot quite quickly, and carry on happily; with others it might take a little longer, but we usually get there eventually! We love a little ingenuity on the day – with all the other available mirrors being used, this bridesmaid settled herself in the mirrored bathroom and just carried on with her make-up while we took photos. We love that – just be you, and let us do the rest!

Tino&Pip Photography Jemma & Nick-069

There’s something about the way Penny photographs brides getting into their dress that always leaves me impressed – and proud! She always seems to describe a kind of rebirth in these images – when the dress slips down over a bride’s upraised arms, it feels to me like a metaphor for the transition of her life into marriage. It’s the symbolic moment where one identity shifts into another. Oh, we also loved Marion’s tattoo, which was symbolic in itself. (From Marion&Rob’s wedding)

Tino&Pip Photography Marion&Rob-148

We are of course always on the lookout for something different on the day, especially when it comes to details shots. We’re not necessarily interested in photographing just the detail – we love to have some context in there too. This couple’s cats were photo-bombing here, there and everywhere! I’m sure that’s Blue Steel…

Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-008