An OhSo Brighton Wedding

Given how fickle the British weather can be, we reckon Heather&Pawel were pretty thankful to have such a gorgeously sunny day for their Brighton wedding, where parasols rather than umbrellas were the order of the day. The good weather certainly rubbed off on this lovely couple, who were super excited all day long, and which made for some really fun shots when we were alone with just the two of them!

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-234Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-267Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-092

The whole wedding party had a stroll in the sun as they made their way from the ceremony at Brighton Town Hall to the beach, where they were served fish and chips in the rather quirky OhSo bar – we loved the touches of Americana in there, and it worked perfectly with Heather’s bright yellow 50s petticoat.

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-157Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-022

We often say to our couples that it can be a really nice touch if there’s a chance of one of them getting ready in their own home – there are often a lot of things we find that reflect the personalities of a couple, or a particular point in their life which they can look back on. Heather&Pawel were in the middle of renovating their home, and we really felt we were being thrown into a significant moment of change in their lives, and hopefully we managed to reflect this in their photos too!

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-203

After a fun ride on a Big Lemon bus, Heather&Pawel, along with their guests, arrived at their venue for the evening – the rather spectacular Proud Cabaret, which was an absolute joy to work in because of the incredible lighting. Although it’s one of the darker venues we’ve shot in, the light was actually really challenging and fun to work with, and we’re so thrilled with the results.

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-353

The guests were asked to draw self-portraits for Heather&Pawel’s guest book, and hang them up so everyone could see – we even used Pawel’s sister’s drawings of the couple when we designed their wedding album cover, and it looked simply amazing!

Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-004




England's most rock 'n' roll hotel does weddings...

We recently found out that one of our favourite hotels/bars in Brighton is now offering itself as a wedding reception venue – and about time too! With some deliciously quirky reception rooms, featuring funky patterned wallpaper and some Florida-style furniture, the Hotel Pelirocco really suits a couple looking for something a little more esoteric. There’s some really cool artwork dotted around too. Plus, you can book all the rooms in the hotel, which all feature a different theme – we’ve photographed in the Stoli Salon and Soul Surprise rooms, and can say they are amazing! There’s probably a room in there to suit anyone.

Anyway, well done Hotel Pelirocco, we think you’ve really added something extra to the Brighton wedding scene – can’t wait to photograph our first wedding there!

Colourful Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding_Tino&Pip-8Colourful Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding_Tino&Pip-38

Photos from Susa&Pete’s colourful, pom-pommy Brighton wedding!

P.S. We’re honored to be featured in Hotel Pelirocco’s wedding directory!

Kind Words from Rachael&Dan

“…I have been so proud when showing our wedding photos to people at work as they really reflect our style of doing things- it seems like you summed up the day just perfectly.  Some of them even made us cry! In a good way! There is one particular photo that had Dan back in the moment and he suddenly felt nervous all over again! That’s the skill you have, so thank you!!!”

“We chose Tino&Pip because their style was our style too- their online photo gallery showed people having a great time in a natural, creative way. We were very excited to have them as our photographers- they are a newly wed couple themselves, and this shows in the romance of their photos. They also managed to capture small details of the day that could have been forgotten- this resulted in the feel of the day being caught on camera, so we can never forget how delightful our day really was. Martin and Penny were both so very lovely and blended into the crowd throughout the day so that no one wasted time posing- in the pictures, our guests all have real facial expressions on rather than pouts! Our wedding photos feel like a behind the scenes peek into our wedding day- when we first viewed them online they made us both cry and laugh. They also took us back to the moments they were taken and all the emotions came flooding back! These are two very skilled photographers, I urge you to take a look at their website if you’re trying to decide on a wedding photographer.” Rachael&Dan (for Love My Dress feature)


Their Story Continued...

There’s an underlying reason why we encourage our couples to befriend us on Facebook. We’re just a bit nosey! Not in a bad way – it’s just that once the wedding’s over we find that having spent such an intensely emotional day with a couple, we really love to know what happens next in their story. Facebook at least offers a glimpse into what’s new for you!

Tino&Pip Photography Kath-Luke-Martha-054

So now we want to document the next stage in the building of your family. Rather than putting your beret-wearing baby in a pot with a onions dangling  from his or her neck, we’re looking to find a different side of those early years. We want to capture your love and interaction with your baby, plus all those little bits and bobs that remind you of this amazing time in your life – your home, the favourite toys, cards and presents from friends and family, teeny tiny clothes and what ever else we may spot!

Tino&Pip Photography Kath-Luke-Martha-012Tino&Pip Photography Kath-Luke-Martha-037 Tino&Pip Photography Kath-Luke-Martha-034
Tino&Pip Photography Kath-Luke-Martha-020Tino&Pip Photography Kath-Luke-Martha-042

We photographed Kath&Luke’s wedding at the end of 2011, and we hadn’t seen them since we delivered their album a few months later. When they asked if we would photograph them with their new arrival Martha, we were thrilled to have the chance to catch up, as well as photograph them in their new life! And what a characterful and happy girl she is, relishing being in front of the camera, and clearly making her parents proud. It was quite a joy to see so many of their wedding photographs dotted around their beautiful home, and also to meet their rather grumpy cat, inherited from the previous owner! Thank you so much guys, for a really lovely day!



A Breezy Norfolk Festival Wedding

Ok, so first things first: I have to apologise now for any references to the USA that I make on the blog over the next few months – we’ve just come back from a road trip around the South West, and that amazing experience is still heavily in our thoughts! Photos of that trip to come…

Outdoor Festival Wedding Norfolk_Tino&Pip-69

Anyway, last year we were treated to our first wedding in Norfolk, and had a pretty spiffy day with Jess&Olly. The thing we discovered on the day was that since Norfolk is so flat, when it gets windy, it’s really, really windy. Everyone really didn’t mind though, and it actually made for some cracking photos – the flags looked amazing, although it took a few attempts to make sure they stayed upright. No tumbleweed in Norfolk though…

Outdoor Festival Wedding Norfolk_Tino&Pip-76Outdoor Festival Wedding Norfolk_Tino&Pip-16

As a photographer, one sometimes has to make difficult choices in what to photograph. I imagine news reporters encounter some pretty hard dilemmas in their work, for instance. Somehow, Jess&Olly’s florist managed to turn up at the wedding worse for wear, with just a pile of (the wrong) flowers in the back of his van – I think it rates as the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen. Luckily for the florist in question, Olly’s best men managed to get into the van and retrieve the flowers. As a moment of stress at a wedding, I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite so dramatic. I paused to consider whether photographing the moment was appropriate, but the scene in front of me, with early-arriving family and guests literally throwing together the most beautiful flower arrangements, needed to be photographed, and I’m so glad I did, because it perfectly distilled why your guests are there – they are rooting for the two of you, willing you to have the most amazing day and future together, and watching this whirlwind of floristry was just incredible to behold.

Outdoor Festival Wedding Norfolk_Tino&Pip-31

The outdoor ceremony was absolutely beautiful, held in a walled garden, and full of heartfelt emotion – I think at one point all 5 bridesmaids and Jess’ mum were crying, but the couple themselves were absolutely beside themselves with excitement!

Outdoor Festival Wedding Norfolk_Tino&Pip-63

Given the strength of the wind, and intermittent showers, we weren’t really able to spend much time in the grounds of Gunthorpe Hall. To be honest, given how interesting the interiors are in many venues, it’s really never a problem for us – there’s always some interesting detail or light to work with, and we always make sure that we’ve looked for indoor prettiness – we do live in sunny Britain. This was actually the room where Olly got ready in the morning – the light was just a peach to work with.

Outdoor Festival Wedding Norfolk_Tino&Pip-52

Let’s face it, photos of smoking are in general pretty cool, whether you think the act of smoking is cool or not. We’re both ex-smokers, so we’ve fallen on the side of it not being such a great thing to do. We will most definitely take smoking photos though in the spirit of honest storytelling, if we feel it suits the mood of the day. So at Jess&Olly’s laid back, festival vibe wedding, we got this photo full of texture and colour.

Outdoor Festival Wedding Norfolk_Tino&Pip-42

Music is a really big part of Jess&Olly’s lives, and along with record table names, they provided their guests with one LP and a marker per table, ready to scribble a message of goodwill for the future – they looked brilliant.