A Wedding Album Voucher Gift List... with Complimentary Thank You Cards

Many couples nowadays, set up home together long before they’re married, so the idea of traditional wedding gifts is pretty much out the window! Some people ask for monetary gifts towards their honeymoon, or simply for ‘their future together’. We’d like to offer another option – one that your friends and family will love too, because they will be able to give you an actual tangible gift, one that they can hold and enjoy too, and one that they know you will treasure – your wedding photo album. The Album Kitty service is a wedding album voucher gift list, with a personalised, password protected greeting/contact page, from which your family and friends can request printable e-vouchers – see example.

You will also have access to a password protected list of contributions, so that you know who to thank after the wedding. As part of The Album Kitty service, we offer complimentary fine art thank you cards featuring your favourite wedding photo, left blank inside for your hearts and flowers – the quantity would be equivalent to the number of contributions, but you may of course order more should you need to.

If the contributions exceed your target, your vouchers can be put towards any other Tino&Pip product. If the contributions don’t quite reach your target, you can top up the Kitty after the wedding to purchase your album.


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England's most rock 'n' roll hotel does weddings...

We recently found out that one of our favourite hotels/bars in Brighton is now offering itself as a wedding reception venue – and about time too! With some deliciously quirky reception rooms, featuring funky patterned wallpaper and some Florida-style furniture, the Hotel Pelirocco really suits a couple looking for something a little more esoteric. There’s some really cool artwork dotted around too. Plus, you can book all the rooms in the hotel, which all feature a different theme – we’ve photographed in the Stoli Salon and Soul Surprise rooms, and can say they are amazing! There’s probably a room in there to suit anyone.

Anyway, well done Hotel Pelirocco, we think you’ve really added something extra to the Brighton wedding scene – can’t wait to photograph our first wedding there!

Colourful Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding_Tino&Pip-8Colourful Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding_Tino&Pip-38

Photos from Susa&Pete’s colourful, pom-pommy Brighton wedding!

P.S. We’re honored to be featured in Hotel Pelirocco’s wedding directory!

A List of Alternative Wedding Fairs across the UK in 2015

So wedding fairs can be a bit icky. More often than not, you’re faced with an underwhelming, uninspiring sea of ivory and talked at by wedding suppliers that all blend into one by the time you get home! But they’re not all like that, honestly! There are a handful of events out there that offer alternative, bespoke, unique, quirky, expressive, fresh, fun, creative, innovative, memorable suppliers and inspiration for your big day! (Yes, I know that’s a big list of buzz words)!

Researching alternative wedding fairs is way harder than it should be – we couldn’t find an actual list of alternative wedding fairs anywhere! It took the best part of a day of trawling through the interweb to compile the list below for our own reference initially, but we figured if we’re struggling you probably are too, so we thought we’d better share it! If we’ve missed any, and I’m pretty sure that’s likely, please comment below and we’ll be sure to look it up!




25th- Chosen Boutique Wedding Fair– The Olympia Ballroom at Shehnai, Reading



1st- The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza– Fazeley Studios, Birmingham

1st- Chosen Boutique Wedding Fair– The Paintworks, Bristol

8th- A Most Curious Wedding Fair– St Andrew’s Hall, Norwich

22nd- Chosen Boutique Wedding Fair– The Old Banking Hall, Cardiff Bay



1st- The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza– Far Rockaway, Shorditch, London

1st- Alternative Wedding Fair– Waterfront Hall, Belfast 

7th & 8th- A Most Curious Wedding Fair– The Old Truman Brewery, London

8th- Wedding Event with a Difference– Nottingham Conference Centre, Nottingham

8th- No Ordinary Wedding Fair– Sadler’s Wells, Islington, London

29th- Chosen Boutique Wedding Fair– Islington Assembly Hall, London



25th- Quaint Queer Weird– Sun Pier House,Chatham, Kent


10th- Quirky Boutique Wedding Fair– Brighton Centre, Brighton *SEE US THERE*




2nd- Alternative Wedding Fair– Waterfront Hall, Belfast 

9th- Glasgow Wedding Collective– The Lighthouse, Glasgow



9th- Wedding Event with a Difference– Nottingham Conference Centre, Nottingham

15th- Quaint Queer Weird– Corn Exchange, Brighton



4th & 5th- A Most Curious Wedding Fair– Hackney Downs Studios, London

6th – Tie the Knot– Elmore Court, Elmore, Gloucs

8th- The Vintage and Alternative Wedding Fair– Cambridge Union Society, Cambridge

12-13th- The Fabulous Wedding Festival– Port Eliot, Cornwall

19th- A Most Curious Wedding Fair– St Andres’s Hall, Norwich

26th- Weird and Wonderful Wedding World– At-Bristol, Bristol

26th- The Vintage and Alternative Wedding Fair– United Reformed Church, Wanstead, London

27th- Chosen Boutique Wedding Fair– Islington Assembly Hall, London



11th- Quirky Boutique Wedding Fair– Brighton Centre, Brighton

11th- The Vintage and Alternative Wedding Fair– Harpenden Public Halls, Harpenden, Herts

11th- Tie the Knot– Hexton Manor, Hexton, Herts



7th- The Vintage & Alternative Wedding & Craft Fair– Harpenden Public Hall, Harpenden

13th- The Vintage and Alternative Wedding Fair– United Reformed Church, Wanstead, London

14th- Quirky Weddings Alternative Wedding Fair– Waterfront Hall, Belfast

*21st- Quirky Boutique Wedding Fair– Brighton Centre, Brighton *SEE US THERE*

28th- Glasgow Wedding Collective– The Lighthouse, Glasgow



5th-  The Vintage and Alternative Wedding Fair– Cambridge Union Society, Cambridge

19th- Wedding Event with a Difference– Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham


We will keep this list updated. Please bear in mind, that although we would love to travel around the country visiting these fairs, it’s just not possible, so these are more suggestions than recommendations!


The Advantages of doing a 'First Look'

We often whisk our couples off for photos during their drinks reception before they sit down to eat. Your guests will be happy catching up with one another, champagne in hand, whilst we slip off for half an hour. However, the ideal time is actually before the ceremony. Although a ‘first look’ is becoming more and more popular, a lot of couples choose not to do it because of tradition and/or family expectations, and we completely get that, but we feel we should point out a few of the advantages…


Steal the ‘first look’ moment for yourselves… A room full of eyes will be on you as you enter the ceremony room. It’s an amazing feeling – one you’ll never forget, but it may well be somewhat distracting from the moment your eyes meet with your love. Why not make the most of each independently, allowing you to indulge in time with the person you love most, as well as soaking up the whole wedding experience? Plus, by the time you start to walk down the aisle, you’ll have one less thing to be nervous about!

Less time pressure… Often things can overrun a little, if the ceremony starts a bit late, or the group shots take longer than expected because Uncle Pete disappeared to the loo or something, so getting your couple shots out of the way beforehand allows you to take your time and enjoy the only moment you’ll get to yourselves all day – clock watching is one hell of a mood killer!

More time with guests… The time you have between your ceremony and wedding breakfast is the first chance you’ll get to say hello and enjoy a glass of champagne with all your family and friends, we’d rather not take you away from that lovely time! Of course, it also means we have more time to capture those wonderful storytelling photos, whilst you and your guests go about enjoying your day!

Your ‘first look’ is a once in a lifetime photo opportunity… Whilst we’ll capture it at the very best your ceremony room’s layout and lighting will allow during the 30 second processional, having more time to revel in the moment, in a gorgeous, intimate setting, where we can adapt the shot for the available light, will be more fruitful. With all those people watching, and a ceremony to crack on with, you’re less likely to give into the urge to grab each other and squeal “you look gorgeous'”and “oh my God we’re getting married”!

Immaculate hair and make-up… This is the point at which you will both look at your absolute best – before the happy tears and Grandma’s lipstick marks! Just a thought!


Tino&Pip's Favourite Alternative Wedding Photos of 2013-001

10 Little Pointers...

We just LOVE an engagement shoot! It’s the perfect way for us to get to know you – your love story, what makes you smile, laugh and click as a couple, and how to get the best out of you on your big day! Many people are a little camera shy, so having an idea of what to expect, and getting a little practice in, will help you to relax and enjoy your wedding day couple shots. Best of all, it’s fun, quality time for you as a couple, a unique keepsake, a snap shot of your time together before you were married, and perhaps an opportunity to get some killer shots for your ‘save the dates’ or wedding invitations. In fact some of our couples have scattered them around their wedding venue or through their guest books, and even displayed them as centrepieces (with makes us very happy)!

Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-017Wedding Portfolio-009

1.  Location… These photos represent a snippet in time. We’ll discuss your favourite places or activities and use them as inspiration for the shoot. Your home is the perfect place to start – it’s comfortable, and people tend to pour their hearts into making their homes THEIR HOMES! Or how about the park you stroll in regularly, your favourite pub or coffee shop, junk shop, record shop, punting down the river even!? Perhaps consider your history as a couple – where did you meet? Whatever screams YOU!


2. Relax… Be yourself. It’s best when you can really relax and let your personality shine though. We don’t ask you to force a smile or give us your best Blue Steel, we just hang back and encourage you to simply interact with each other naturally. This may seem easier said, but with the right photographer you’ll soon get into the swing of it! In fact we’ll have a blast – honest!

Wedding Portfolio-045

3.  Clothes… Wear what makes you feel like YOU – something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Your personality shows through much more in your YOU clothes. Consider that your clothes should complement each others, without being too matchy! Steer away from outfits that are so smart or special that you’re afraid sit on that gorgeous bench with peeling paint, or lean against an old wall or a tree in the park!

4.  Timing… Consider light and colour – gentle early morning or golden hour evening light (the hour before sunrise or sunset) is perfect for any photo shoot, and it’s amazing how much of a difference this can make to the final result. Of course this doesn’t matter so much if we’re shooting indoors.


5.  Change it up… Maybe bring some different clothes to change things up a little – even if it’s just a extra jacket, it’s great for variety in your photos.

6.  Props?… Cute details shots are great to illustrate your interests, whether it’s funky headphones for the music-lover or a book or two for the quieter types, or a selection of sparkly headbands… oh and don’t forget the ring! Don’t force it though – if it doesn’t quite feel right, and it’s just not YOU, it’ll just look awkward. Don’t worry, your photos will look great regardless!

Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-002

7. Pets… Pets are great too, but if you bring a dog with you for example, make sure he/she has somewhere else to go so we can have you to ourselves for the rest of the shoot without any distractions! 

8.  Be brave… Classic shots are lovely, but push, push, push the boundaries! OWN your engagement photos… the phrase ‘you know the one where’ has no place here!!

Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-022

9. Mindset… Get in the right mindset – chat about the shoot with your partner in the few days leading up to the shoot, and really build up your excitement so that on the day you…

10… have fun!!! We really want our couples to enjoy themselves and spend some quality time which is why we encourage you to wear your favourite things and go to your favourite places – we want you to feel as comfortable as possible so you can really relax, enjoy and remember the shoot!