Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-029
Date30/12/14 TitleLucy & Dylan

An intimate, relaxed, handmade wedding at The Bell in Ticehurst

Lucy&Dylan’s November wedding was a doozy – a laid back affair, full of handmade touches, that took place in one of the more unique venues we’ve seen – The Bell in Ticehurst, which has been beautifully decorated to incorporate original coach house features alongside much newer additions. The dining room was a beautiful mish-mash of eras, from the sunken dining table in the original coach house pit, to the 50’s-style neon sign and the naked light bulbs. We could see how Lucy&Dylan fell in love with it! The lodges out the back were perfect for guests to stay in, and the couple themselves had the most amazing lodge called the Love Nest, complete with a giant woven-branch bird’s nest edging the roof-terrace!

Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-235

Talk about making a wedding unconventional – with Lucy&Dylan using the giant bell to announce their words of thanks, they also decided not to have traditional speeches, instead providing an eclectic collection little bells for people to ring if they wanted to say a few words! 

Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-038Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-009Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-062

The Choccywoccydoodah ‘All You Need Is Love’ cake sat beautifully amongst all the vintage knick-knacks dotted around the venue and added an amazing splash of colour.

Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-084

The little handmade bits and pieces around the venue were just perfect, and brilliantly thought through. Everywhere we turned there was something new to discover, and the guests loved all of these little surprises. When we first met Lucy&Dylan, their creativity jumped out at us, and when Lucy mentioned that she was making her own dress, we couldn’t wait to see it on the day! The dress was gorgeous, and Lucy had even made pockets for it, which were absolutely perfect, not only because the relaxed hands-in-pocket look really suited the day, but because it also gave her a place to keep a sentimental family photo close!

Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-085Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-176

Lucy &Dylan were actually legally married a couple of weeks prior to their wedding, but wanted to do something a little more ‘them’ in from of their family and friends. Using a ribbon adorned with well-wishes penned by their guests on the day, they had a hand-fasting conducted by a humanist celebrant, which was so beautifully informal!

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Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-282
Date19/06/14 TitleHeather & Pawel

An OhSo Brighton Wedding

Given how fickle the British weather can be, we reckon Heather&Pawel were pretty thankful to have such a gorgeously sunny day for their Brighton wedding, where parasols rather than umbrellas were the order of the day. The good weather certainly rubbed off on this lovely couple, who were super excited all day long, and which made for some really fun shots when we were alone with just the two of them!

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-234Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-267Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-092

The whole wedding party had a stroll in the sun as they made their way from the ceremony at Brighton Town Hall to the beach, where they were served fish and chips in the rather quirky OhSo bar – we loved the touches of Americana in there, and it worked perfectly with Heather’s bright yellow 50s petticoat.

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-157Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-022

We often say to our couples that it can be a really nice touch if there’s a chance of one of them getting ready in their own home – there are often a lot of things we find that reflect the personalities of a couple, or a particular point in their life which they can look back on. Heather&Pawel were in the middle of renovating their home, and we really felt we were being thrown into a significant moment of change in their lives, and hopefully we managed to reflect this in their photos too!

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-203

After a fun ride on a Big Lemon bus, Heather&Pawel, along with their guests, arrived at their venue for the evening – the rather spectacular Proud Cabaret, which was an absolute joy to work in because of the incredible lighting. Although it’s one of the darker venues we’ve shot in, the light was actually really challenging and fun to work with, and we’re so thrilled with the results.

Tino&Pip Photography Heather&Pawel-353

The guests were asked to draw self-portraits for Heather&Pawel’s guest book, and hang them up so everyone could see – we even used Pawel’s sister’s drawings of the couple when we designed their wedding album cover, and it looked simply amazing!

Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-004

“OH MY GOODNESS!! UNBELIEVABLE! We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Every single one! Thank you so much, you are both amazing! Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day – you have given us the most beautiful memories that we can look back on forever.” Heather&Pawel (Read the rest of their testimonial here).

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Colourful Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding_Tino&Pip-13
Date14/05/14 TitleHotel Pelirocco

England's most rock 'n' roll hotel does weddings...

We recently found out that one of our favourite hotels/bars in Brighton is now offering itself as a wedding reception venue – and about time too! With some deliciously quirky reception rooms, featuring funky patterned wallpaper and some Florida-style furniture, the Hotel Pelirocco really suits a couple looking for something a little more esoteric. There’s some really cool artwork dotted around too. Plus, you can book all the rooms in the hotel, which all feature a different theme – we’ve photographed in the Stoli Salon and Soul Surprise rooms, and can say they are amazing! There’s probably a room in there to suit anyone.

Anyway, well done Hotel Pelirocco, we think you’ve really added something extra to the Brighton wedding scene – can’t wait to photograph our first wedding there!

Colourful Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding_Tino&Pip-8Colourful Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding_Tino&Pip-38

Photos from Susa&Pete’s colourful, pom-pommy Brighton wedding!

P.S. We’re honored to be featured in Hotel Pelirocco’s wedding directory!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-200
Date21/01/14 TitleJess & Rob

A Humanist Wedding in the Woods with Big Rustic Tipis

FUN was the emphasis on Jess&Rob’s wedding day! They had been to too many serious weddings and at the end of the day, it’s meant to be a celebration of love so they wanted a light-hearted ceremony and a laid-back atmosphere throughout the day… and they succeeded! The wonderful thing about a Humanist ceremony, is that it is purely focused on YOU – your time together as a couple (often including a few anecdotes),  your favourite music (a sing along even), and you can choose to include as many or as few of your celebrant’s ideas as you like… hmmm, I feel a whole other blog post coming on!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-227

The whole day was held at Jess’ dad’s farm in West Sussex. The décor was simple, natural and inexpensive with hundreds of candles in jam jars, wine bottles filled with flowers hanging in the trees, hand painted signs to lead the way, rustic flower arrangements, and wooden archways covered in hops.

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-032

Jess wore an Amanda Wyatt (Beatrix) wedding dress with white converse shoes – a gorgeous combination, true to herself and perfect for a woodland wedding!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-039

Jess’ six best friends, wore ivory dresses found in the Monsoon Bridal sale and handmade bohemian-esque headpieces. They hand-picked some of their flowers from the countryside and ordered the other half loose from a florist to keep costs down. (We love seeking honesty in detail shots).

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-124Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-145

Of course, the heavens opened just as Jess and her bridesmaids made their way to an excitable Rob! The colourful brollies were gorgeous for the photos mind! 

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-162Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-176

Jess wasn’t worried about getting her dress caked in mud! Let’s face it – you get one chance to wear your dress so you gotta make the most of it, come rain, shine or mud!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-221

We do love a sense of humour at a wedding…

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-271

Especially here on their ‘guest bench’ – a genius alternative wedding guest book idea!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-302

Martin especially, loves shooting after dark! Bottling atmosphere in our photos is so important to us, so capturing moments like this without blasting it with flash, while sometimes technically challenging, is extra rewarding!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-422

“Tino&Pip were AMAZING! We didn’t even notice them being there and we LOVE the photos!” Jess&Rob


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Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-174
Date22/11/13 TitleSusa & Pete

A Colourful, Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding

Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-265Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-257

Susa&Pete had a brightly coloured, pom-pom filled, vintage inspired Brighton wedding. Susa’s dress was genuine vintage from Hope and Harlequin in Brighton, and it was just perfect for her.

Brighton Wedding Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-001

She made her own feather and pom-pom hair comb and a pair of corsages to match for her mum and sister. We just loved the blend of elegant vintage, with vibrant and fun details!

Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-008

The ultimate photo bombers: Susa&Pete’s cats are destined for stardom, at least in their own eyes. They spent a lot of time stealing into our shots –  they just couldn’t upstage Susa though, however much they tried!

Brighton Wedding Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-002Colourful Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding_Tino&Pip-39

Martin arrived a little early at Hotel Pelirocco where Pete was getting ready – so early that Pete hadn’t even hit the shower yet! No complaints though – 10 minutes with Hotel Pelirocco’s deliciously decked out bar area left us with some rather peachy ring shots.

Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-013Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-093

Of course, no matter how well you plan everything, some detail of the day will not go quite as planned – Pete’s best man had a lack-of-tie-and-handkerchief issue, so we had a rather fun run around some of Brighton’s shopping areas trying to find suitable attire. No problem!

Brighton Wedding Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-004

They were married at Brighton Town Hall, followed by a simple, informal pub reception at The Brunswick in Hove, which they decked out with pom poms in decoupaged plant pots… very cute! The sun-splashed garden was just the perfect place for Susa&Pete’s guests to catch up, and indulge in some al fresco dining!


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