A Humanist Wedding in the Woods with Big Rustic Tipis

FUN was the emphasis on Jess&Rob’s wedding day! They had been to too many serious weddings and at the end of the day, it’s meant to be a celebration of love so they wanted a light-hearted ceremony and a laid-back atmosphere throughout the day… and they succeeded! The wonderful thing about a Humanist ceremony, is that it is purely focused on YOU – your time together as a couple (often including a few anecdotes),  your favourite music (a sing along even), and you can choose to include as many or as few of your celebrant’s ideas as you like… hmmm, I feel a whole other blog post coming on!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-227

The whole day was held at Jess’ dad’s farm in West Sussex. The décor was simple, natural and inexpensive with hundreds of candles in jam jars, wine bottles filled with flowers hanging in the trees, hand painted signs to lead the way, rustic flower arrangements, and wooden archways covered in hops.

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-032

Jess wore an Amanda Wyatt (Beatrix) wedding dress with white converse shoes – a gorgeous combination, true to herself and perfect for a woodland wedding!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-039

Jess’ six best friends, wore ivory dresses found in the Monsoon Bridal sale and handmade bohemian-esque headpieces. They hand-picked some of their flowers from the countryside and ordered the other half loose from a florist to keep costs down. (We love seeking honesty in detail shots).

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-124Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-145

Of course, the heavens opened just as Jess and her bridesmaids made their way to an excitable Rob! The colourful brollies were gorgeous for the photos mind! 

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-162Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-176

Jess wasn’t worried about getting her dress caked in mud! Let’s face it – you get one chance to wear your dress so you gotta make the most of it, come rain, shine or mud!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-221

We do love a sense of humour at a wedding…

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-271

Especially here on their ‘guest bench’ – a genius alternative wedding guest book idea!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-302

Martin especially, loves shooting after dark! Bottling atmosphere in our photos is so important to us, so capturing moments like this without blasting it with flash, while sometimes technically challenging, is extra rewarding!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-422

♥ ”Tino&Pip were AMAZING! We didn’t even notice them being there and we LOVE the photos!”




A Colourful, Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding

Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-265Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-257

Susa&Pete had a brightly coloured, pom-pom filled, vintage inspired Brighton wedding. Susa’s dress was genuine vintage from Hope and Harlequin in Brighton, and it was just perfect for her.

Brighton Wedding Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-001

She made her own feather and pom-pom hair comb and a pair of corsages to match for her mum and sister. We just loved the blend of elegant vintage, with vibrant and fun details!

Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-008

The ultimate photo bombers: Susa&Pete’s cats are destined for stardom, at least in their own eyes. They spent a lot of time stealing into our shots –  they just couldn’t upstage Susa though, however much they tried!

Brighton Wedding Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-002Colourful Pom-Pommy Brighton Wedding_Tino&Pip-39

Martin arrived a little early at Hotel Pelirocco where Pete was getting ready – so early that Pete hadn’t even hit the shower yet! No complaints though – 10 minutes with Hotel Pelirocco’s deliciously decked out bar area left us with some rather peachy ring shots.

Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-013Tino&Pip Photography Susa&Pete-093

Of course, no matter how well you plan everything, some detail of the day will not go quite as planned – Pete’s best man had a lack-of-tie-and-handkerchief issue, so we had a rather fun run around some of Brighton’s shopping areas trying to find suitable attire. No problem!

Brighton Wedding Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-004

They were married at Brighton Town Hall, followed by a simple, informal pub reception at The Brunswick in Hove, which they decked out with pom poms in decoupaged plant pots… very cute! The sun-splashed garden was just the perfect place for Susa&Pete’s guests to catch up, and indulge in some al fresco dining!




A Lewes Castle Wedding in the Clouds

It’s a long way to the top of Lewes Castle, but once you’re there, you are met by nothing but white cliffs and rooftops as far as the eye can see! What a setting! Marion arrived (50 minutes late!) in a VW camper, accompanied by her mum and two gorgeous, excitable little boys in super-cool Hawaiian shirts!

Tino&Pip Photography Marion&Rob-168Tino&Pip Photography Marion&Rob-148

Marion fell in love with an original 1930s wedding gown she found in Hope and Harlequin in Brighton. It had sleeves and a high back which covered her beautiful tattoos, so she had the sleeves removed and the back lowered to show them off!

Tino&Pip Photography Marion&Rob-049Tino&Pip Photography Marion&Rob-151

When I asked Marion to point me in the direction of her wedding shoes, she sheepishly handed me a pair of worn – and I sure she won’t mind me saying, somewhat scuffed – ivory suede heels. There seemed to be an in-joke, but although a little befuddled, I continued to photograph them regardless! Shortly after, all the bridesmaids gathered around Marion and presented her with a gift… a scrumptious pair of Charlotte Olympia stilettos! Wow!


Tino&Pip Photography Marion&Rob-257Tino&Pip Photography Marion&Rob-256

Rob and the boys wore matching yellow polka dot bow-ties to set off their blue shirts – like Martin, however, their knowledge of tying them wasn’t so good, and they had to watch a Youtube instructional video for some pointers!

Tino&Pip Photography Marion&Rob-424

“We agreed that we’d never seen photos that good before and the style was just what we were after. Neither of us were keen on staged photos and the way you both seems to catch special moments was fab! Also whenever we met you both you put us at ease straight away so we couldn’t think of having anyone else with us on the day. Penny staying calm in the craziness of babies and bridesmaids getting ready in the morning was fab and helped me stay calm too. Everything from meeting before, to emails, to the beautiful little box at the end was first class! This is also the opinion of all of our guests. Two of which have now enrolled on photography courses! Obviously we are both over the moon with the photos. Every single one of them is beautiful and we love them. Thank you. xxx”




A Quirky Star Wars Worthing Dome Wedding

When we meet a couple for the first time, we can’t help but dive straight into the whats, hows and whys of all their wonderful wedding ideas! Emma and Dan were ultra-excited when we started to discuss their plans, and clearly determined to infuse the wedding with their own personalities. It became immediately obvious that Dan was more involved in planning the details than many guys out there – setting the date of the wedding to May the 4th suggested we were in the presence of a Star Wars fan!

Tino&Pip Photography Emma&Dan-012Tino&Pip Photography Emma&Dan-014

Emma, her parents and her bridesmaids spent the morning at Emma’s family home – something we really love. It feels extra special to be able to connect a past life and a future life in our photos. We love to incorporate family photos, memorabilia, and in this case a Winnie the Pooh name plaque on her bedroom door!

Tino&Pip Photography Emma&Dan-246Tino&Pip Photography Emma&Dan-162

When Emma showed us her emerald engagement ring, she had a glint in her eye as she told us that emerald was her favourite colour, and it was going to be everywhere! It really was: from the bridesmaids dresses to the fabric decor in the church, the gorgeous key colour had even made it into the jewels in Emma’s manicure. The boys were sporting emerald ties and hankies, along with Lego men buttonholes (Dan’s also a massive fan of Lego). The Star Wars theme stretched to the boys’ cuff links and table names and of course there was only one way this pair could exit the wedding ceremony – with a light saber guard of honour! 

Tino&Pip Photography Emma&Dan-203

I think our favourite idea was the collection of home-made cakes as centrepieces, each one beautifully unique, baked by eight different friends! ”Friends and family are the best suppliers you could ever have!”

Tino&Pip Photography Emma&Dan-147

Another highlight for us was their super-fun first dance.  They played ‘Magic Moments’ by Perry Como with an interlude of ‘Jump On It’ from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at which point all the groomsmen joined in for a dance, then back to a smoochy ‘Magic Moments’!

Tino&Pip Photography Emma&Dan-419

♥ You geniuses you!!… “OH my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! We have just sat down with a glass of champagne and looked through our wedding photographs… They are absolutely stunning! Everyone of them is beautiful and you have managed to capture our day perfectly. Thank you so so so much, we will treasure them forever along with all the memories that we have! Every time we clicked on a photo we smiled, squealed with delight and laughed so much, we were able to share stories and memories and even shed a tear!  I will recommend you to everyone and I will keep hold of your details, you geniuses you!!




An Outdoorsy Bohemian Tipi Wedding

We met Jo&Wayne over a spiced hot chocolate (actually I had salted caramel… mmm), in a quaint little chocolate shop in Petworth, West Sussex. It was a typically English cold, miserable day and we were getting all excited over their super-fun, outdoorsy, lakeside wedding plans and of course imagining a day drenched glorious sunshine! Well, their wedding fell on the first day of sunshine we had this year! It was warm and the glowing light was perfect for photographs. They had said that what they missed most about home were the blue skies and sunshine! It was as though their families from Australia and South Africa had brought it with them!

Tino&Pip Photography Jo&Wayne-298Tino&Pip Photography Jo&Wayne-326

Can you believe this light flare?! A perfect little red heart shape, beautifully positioned! A wonderful fluke! 

Tino&Pip Photography Jo&Wayne-014Tino&Pip Photography Jo&Wayne-019

Wayne and his best man got ready at an old railway B&B, in an amazing converted train carriage, offering awesome light, angles and backdrops for the photographs! How lucky were we – what a treat?! 

Tino&Pip Photography Jo&Wayne-164Tino&Pip Photography Jo&Wayne-305

Jo WON her beautiful Flower Innovations bouquet in a competition – score! They went for a hand-picked look with a couple of peacock feathers to match the buttonholes. They went for a ‘budget option’ with the rest of their wedding flowers – Jo’s bridesmaids made their own Gypsophila and lace bouquets the night before the wedding which worked perfectly with the relaxed rustic feel of the day, and they bought £100 worth of mixed, cheap bouquets from Sainsbury’s which looked absolutely gorgeous in the mismatched bottles on the tables.  

Tino&Pip Photography Jo&Wayne-241

A couple after own hearts – Jo&Wayne spent many months scouring car boot sales, charity shops and Ebay for bottles, vases, tea lights, candle holders and lanterns. They had every shape, size and colour, including tiny antique ink bottles and even some travel souvenirs - love mismatching trinkets! Our favourite decor item was probably the pianola rolls repurposed as table runners, complete with lyrics!

Tino&Pip Photography Jo&Wayne-414

The jukebox was a hit! Jo&Wayne didn’t actually have a first dance, but the jukebox was encouragement enough to get Wayne on the dance floor – apparently not a common occurrence! We had fun playing with the light it provided too!

Tino&Pip Photography Jo&Wayne-380

♥ Martin’s big laugh & Penny’s warmth… “Penny and Martin are absolutely lovely and such fun to be with.   Before the big day they couldn’t do enough for us.  From our site visit, the spicy hot chocolate, Martin’s big laugh and Penny’s warmth to our engagement shoot trudging through mud on Wimbledon Common!

We just love the shots they took and can’t recommend them highly enough.  Capturing amazing memories in a natural way, fun way.  We simply love them!  They took some of my favourite ever shots of my family and I keep coming back to them again and again. They continue to bring back the emotions of the day and the way we feel for each other. My friends and family have also been so impressed with their work.  There is simply not a single photo we don’t love.  They are each artistically gorgeous moments in time. We can’t thank Penny and Martin enough for the incredible way they captured our day.  Awesome, awesome stuff!  They are great people with an eye for original style and fun.  We are so thrilled that they were a part of our day and a part of our memories.”

Jo&Wayne wrote a heart warming, blush inducing testimonial for us, of which this is only a snippet! Read the full version here.