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Date13/01/14 TitleCemile & Adam

A Bold Urban London Wedding Threaded With Turkish Inspiration

Adam is a keen photographer himself, so to him especially, their wedding photography was a big deal. They didn’t want just any old photographer, they wanted one whose work spoke to their inner artists! They’re not centre-of-attention types either, so they were more comfortable with fly-on-the-wall style photography with some natural (and beautifully urban) photos of the two of them in their finery thrown in! We were a match!

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When we met with them for the first time, Cemile&Adam told us that when they first got engaged they had absolutely no idea of what they wanted to do, or even where they wanted to do it! Cemile is Turkish, so they initially considered getting married in Istanbul, but having lived in London since she was 5, it seemed like the more obvious choice. They would of course be throwing in as many Turkish features as possible to bring the two worlds together.

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In their search for a London wedding venue, a few places were surprisingly poor at getting back to them which didn’t fill them with confidence as you can imagine – there’s nothing more frustrating right?! They wanted a venue that would take care of them and embrace their ideas – they didn’t want to feel like they were on a wedding conveyor belt! They then had a eureka moment… a restaurant! Cemile searched ‘London, restaurant, 140 people’ and The Baltic popped up. She had been going to The Baltic on and off for 10 years and loved the food, service and atmosphere – done!

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Adam met Cemile at their apartment where she and the girls were getting ready, and they went to Islington Town Hall together, families in tow, on an old Routemaster, and then on to the Baltic, with a tour of London along the way, especially fun for all Cemile’s relatives that had come from around the world! It was wonderful to see the bride and groom walking down the aisle, hand in hand!

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Cemile chose Jeni Dodson to do her hair and make up. She was asked to buy a few fabric flowers for Jeni to create a masterpiece on the day.  Well, Cemile ended up with about 40 for Jeni to choose from and what a result! 

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Their heart-shaped confetti was lovingly handmade by Adam’s step-mum from a world map and a romantic novel, mixed with pink and purple hearts.

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When we asked Cemile about bridesmaids, she told us that she just didn’t feel comfortable having four grown women dressed in the same dress following her around!  It just wasn’t her.  They did organize her hen do, they helped her to get ready, looked after her all day and then all got very drunk and cried at the end of the evening! Cemile organized a surprise massage on the morning of the wedding, and for them to have their hair done professionally.  They all looked amazing and got to wear their own dresses!

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Cemile&Adam had spent some time prior to the wedding really searching for places where we could take photos of just the two of them, and it really paid off. As we wandered between their favourite locations, we saw a whole load of great places ourselves, and they were just unbelievably relaxed about trying things out – they were plain enjoying themselves and we ended up with some amazing photos! 

“We wanted reportage photography with an artistic and creative feel.  Something modern and different with limited posing.  Photos where the artistic quality of the photo in itself  was a pleasure to look at and not just because it was of us or our wedding day.  Photos which were able to capture those little moments so we could remember them for the rest of our lives… Looking through the photos transports us back to the day, the people, the emotions and the places… Unbelievable.  The collection of photos are without a doubt the best wedding photos we have ever seen.  They are EXACTLY what we were looking for.  Photos that are beautiful in their own artistic merit…” (Read the rest of their testimonial here).


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Date20/09/11 TitleJillian & Henry

An Incredible City Chic London Eye Wedding with the Perfect Sprinkling of Rain

Sometimes we’re never quite sure what to expect when a couple first contacts us. Chatting about their plans and wandering around their venues are great preparation, but there are always fine details and surprises on the day that really make each wedding so unique – great memories for us as well as our couples! When Jillian’s sister Jovy emailed us about the possibility of  photographing a London Eye wedding, we were both incredibly excited and a smidge daunted. Neither of us had been on the Eye, so we had no idea what to expect, and even after confirming the booking, and making an impromptu trip inside one of the pods, we were none the wiser, as our pod was packed and hard to move around in!


When it came to the day of Jillian and Henry’s wedding things could not have been more different – from start to finish this truly was a unique wedding. Getting ready in the Park Plaza, a stunning contemporary hotel with a view of the Parliament buildings at Westminster, Jillian and her bridal party were surrounded by opulence, and once we’d caught sight of her shoes, dress and handbag (to die for, really!), we really knew where this wedding was headed! The boys, having waited patiently downstairs and greeting arriving family, made their way up to the suite, where they played out the Chinese tradition of bartering with the bridesmaids in order to see the bride! A lovely moment ensued, as Henry was allowed to enter and the couple shared a beautiful first look.

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Our short walk to the Eye was rudely interrupted by typically ill-timed English rain, and as we sheltered in a cafe, one of Henry’s ushers disappeared, only to return laden with Union Jack umbrellas – a fitting extra touch to this thoroughly London affair! With the rain abating, we waited in the queue (yes, that’s right, in the queue!) and finally made it into the pod as a glorious misty haze formed over the London backdrop, perfect for the wonderfully emotional ceremony.

Another rotation in the Eye allowed the guests to congratulate Jillian and Henry, as well as take in the glorious view, champagne in hand. Then we were whisked off to China Town, where the delighted couple indulged in a stunning celebratory Chinese feast and really settle down for the party to come!


Some wonderful words from Jillian & Henry:

“I just started going through the photos and I can’t even wait to get through all of them to tell you much we love them! We absolutely adore them! Every photo we come across we’re like “OoOo look” or “I love this”. You guys are brilliant! Top class! It makes really think back and remember what the day was like. I love you guys! You guys are definitely ones to recommend and I’ll definitely be coming back to you guys again! Thank you so much for your company on the day and doing such a good job!” Makes our job so worth while! Thank you guys! xx


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