Tattoo Inspired Bespoke Alternative Wedding Album Design

Beth&Tom’s wedding had an alternative, tattoo, rockabilly theme that we absolutely adored! For their bespoke wedding album design, we used the artwork from their wedding invitations created by Vickilicious, and added their names using a cute tattoo font. They also had tattoo inspired designs as centrepieces by Illustrated Ink in Etsy, which inspired the sketchy outline and dot design on the spreads. Love those bright colours too!



A Wedding Album Voucher Gift List... with Complimentary Thank You Cards

Many couples nowadays, set up home together long before they’re married, so the idea of traditional wedding gifts is pretty much out the window! Some people ask for monetary gifts towards their honeymoon, or simply for ‘their future together’. We’d like to offer another option – one that your friends and family will love too, because they will be able to give you an actual tangible gift, one that they can hold and enjoy too, and one that they know you will treasure – your wedding photo album. The Album Kitty service is a wedding album voucher gift list, with a personalised, password protected greeting/contact page, from which your family and friends can request printable e-vouchers – see example.

You will also have access to a password protected list of contributions, so that you know who to thank after the wedding. As part of The Album Kitty service, we offer complimentary fine art thank you cards featuring your favourite wedding photo, left blank inside for your hearts and flowers – the quantity would be equivalent to the number of contributions, but you may of course order more should you need to.

If the contributions exceed your target, your vouchers can be put towards any other Tino&Pip product. If the contributions don’t quite reach your target, you can top up the Kitty after the wedding to purchase your album.


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'Doodle Love Map' Bespoke Alternative Wedding Album Design

For Cemile&Adam’s wedding album design we used the theme from their amazing Paper Fudge wedding stationery – “A Doodle Love Map Wedding Invitation – A hand drawn, bespoke, doodle style design featuring place names and icons relevant to your love story.” Cute right?!

We just love delivering albums, mostly because it gives us a chance to catch up with our lovely couples, and Cemile&Adam’s reaction really overwhelmed us! A great way to start the run-up to Christmas!


A Yellow Polka Dotty Alternative Wedding Album for Heather&Pawel

Taking inspiration from Heather’s white polka dot wedding dress with a cute yellow petticoat, we created an album that was minimal in design, but full of character. They had a self portrait guestbook which went down a storm! Pawel’s sister drew a gorgeous fashionesque drawing of Heather – well we completely fell in love with it and asked her to draw one of Pawel too for the cover of the album! What do you think? Cute right?!

Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-005Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-012Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-004Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-011Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-010Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-008Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-007Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-006Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-003Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-002Tino&Pip Photography Alternative Wedding Album Heather&Pawel-001

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An Alternative, Gothic, Leopard Print Wedding Album for Emily&Phil

Ivory?! Pah! Red, black and leopard print made for a stunning, personality rich wedding and subsequently a unique, statement alternative wedding album! Emily&Phil made their own wedding stationery. Their invites were red cards with a square of faux leopard fur, each topped with handmade Fimo ‘sailor tattoo’ style heart and scroll, onto which Phil hand painted their names in traditional tattoo font. So we photographed it and with a little Photoshopping, it sat beautifully on their album cover!

Gothic Leopard Print Alternative Wedding Album_Tino&Pip-6 Gothic Leopard Print Alternative Wedding Album_Tino&Pip-1 Gothic Leopard Print Alternative Wedding Album_Tino&Pip-3 Gothic Leopard Print Alternative Wedding Album_Tino&Pip-4 Gothic Leopard Print Alternative Wedding Album_Tino&Pip-5

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