Will you Marry Me? Proposals caught on camera...

Our Pinterest board ‘Wed’, as well as being filled with loots of un-wedding and elopement inspiration, has a few stunning mountaintop proposal photos, which got us thinking…

February promises to be littered with proposals – moments that will never be forgotten, stories that will be told again and again, and we can’t help but think that these momentous occasions should be captured on camera.

In this day and age, anyone can propose to their love at any time – Penny proposed to me (on my July birthday) and I will hold my hand up and say that I cried a lot! However, some may need a little extra encouragement… like a leap year tradition perhaps… like THIS year! So, as in the quaint little film ‘Leap Year’ that we watched the other day, on February 29th, women can take advantage of the leap year tradition in which girls can ask their boys to marry them!

Of course with Valentine’s around the corner too, we know that for some lovely couples it’s going to be an extra special day – we’re talking engagements, not boxes of chocolate, although let’s not forget those chocolates…! 

Of course it would be pretty obvious if there were a couple of people bumbling around close by with professional cameras, and part of the fun is proposing without giving away the surprise. Perhaps we could disguise the plan as a simple couple shoot with the two of you, and you could pop the question in front of the camera?! Or you could propose somewhere that we could hide away in plain sight, like in the city for example. However you think you might like to do it, there would be an engagement shoot included along with the actual proposal photographs, and a discount on your tiny wedding or elopement photography, should you like to have us back to continue your story in pictures!

We’re dying to see all the wonderful ways you come up with to propose for Valentine’s Day, February 29th or any other day of the year, so please get in touch to tell us all about your ideas! We’d just love to catch them on camera for you!

A wild shoot on the banks of Loch Lomond

We left a few teasers on Hannah & Calum’s wedding post, and here are a few more of our favourites from their post-wedding shoot in all it’s moody glory!

Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-344Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-369

The atmosphere was intense in the aftermath of the storm we encountered on Hannah & Calum’s wedding day, and we were so incredibly lucky with that little touch of directional sunlight peeking through the heavy, dark clouds. 

Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-370Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-328

One of the many things we have fallen in love with is the highly changeable Scottish weather – every time we leave home, the scenery looks entirely different with the moving highlights and shadows, clouds and rays, and we seem to forever have that beautiful sunlight after rain in which everything glows! We are so incredibly lucky!

Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-383Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-377

“Thank you so much for coming back out on the Tuesday, we got to those shots and went ‘woah!’ and leant in to the screen. They are just incredible!” Hannah & Calum

Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-384Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-389


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A Tiny, & Stormy, Loch Lomond Wedding

What a welcome to the world of tiny weddings in Scotland! Hannah & Calum’s was one of a kind. They rented a swanky private house by Loch Lomond for themselves and their closest family and friends to stay in for the weekend. They had their ceremony in the lounge, lit only by an open fire, fairly lights and a small amount of dramatic directional daylight, to perfectly highlight the waves in Hannah’s dark silver/grey wedding dress.

Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-344Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-373

We had grand plans to whisk them off and make the most of the stunning Loch Lomond scenery, that were scuppered somewhat by the raging storm. We did get a few cracking shots of them standing together braced against the wind and rain inches from the waters edge but we felt we needed some that were marginally less dramatic, so we headed back a few days later! We’ve included a few teasers here, but we plan to blog their post-wedding shoot in it’s entirety in the next couple of days.

UPDATE: We blogged Hannah&Calum’s post-wedding shoot!

Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-074Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-132

The intimacy of the ceremony was perfectly captured in the hand-fasting, with one of Hannah & Calum’s friends performing a reading as another friend bound their hands. Hannah designed her own dress, and her dressmaking teacher turned those designs into the flowing silver creation that worked so beautifully in the rugged highland landscapes. Of course with such an unusual dress it required that bit more effort to find the perfect shoes, but we think Hannah did pretty ok in that search! The cloak she wore was actually a family heirloom, given to her nanny on her 21st birthday – who would have thought nearly 100 years later it would still look nearly new, and be used by their granddaughter for her wedding?! Calum decided not to wear his family tartan, but we think his black and grey kilt sat perfectly beside Hannah’s dress.

Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-211Tino&Pip Photography Hannah&Calum-245

They went for our square format option, which is something we’ve been talking about offering for some time now – since we were already making big changes in our move to Scotland and specialising in elopement photography, we thought what better time to offer square photos too?!

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Looking back on a great year, and forward to a year of adventure

It’s that time of year once again, when we reflect upon the past year and brace ourselves for the year ahead – one which for us will be full of exploration, adventure and whole new way of life, both professionally and personally. So for our round-up and ‘best of’ for 2015, we have gathered together some photographs that represent our last few weddings in England, our early explorations of our new home in the Scottish Highlands, and our first tiny wedding in Scotland!

Small wedding and elopement photography in Scotland by Tino&PipLoch Lomond wedding, small wedding and elopement photography by Tino&Pip

In 2012 we upped sticks and drove 500 miles to get married by the side of a quiet loch in western Scotland, with just our celebrant for company. Those amazing Highlands really left a piece of themselves in our hearts, so just over three years later we decided that we needed that beautiful scenery in our lives, and jumped feet first into a little cottage in the Trossachs. We’re really looking forward to posting about our new adventures on Instagram, and keeping up with yours!

Sunrise in the Scottish HighlandsView of Ben Lomond in the Trossachs

Our elopement was such an incredible experience, but, understandably, it proved difficult to persuade a photographer to travel to the middle of nowhere for only a couple of hours of coverage without charging us for a full day, so somehow we ended up taking the photos ourselves! Even though it was a lot of fun, it’s always been in the back of our minds that there wasn’t another photographer there, giving us an emotive documentary take on our day – especially when we were getting ready in our little holiday cottage. It’s something we’ve talked about often since the wedding. In fact, one of the things we really wanted to do when we came to Scotland was offer short coverage wedding photography to couples like us, who were having a tiny wedding or elopement in the Highlands, even on a peak season Saturday!

Snowy landscape at Glencoe by elopement photographers Tino&PipView of Ben Lomond by highland wedding photographers Tino&Pip

Well, we shot our first tiny wedding at a private holiday home by Loch Lomond a couple of weeks ago, and most excitingly, they opted for our new square format package! The wedding was so intimate, cozy and magical, we feel so lucky to have been a part of it – we can’t wait to blog the photos, so do pop back and have a look! We had a whale of a time trying to capture some wild and atmospheric shots of Hannah & Calum in the throws of Storm Desmond! They were real troopers bracing themselves against the thrashing wind and rain but we did want to get a few shots without drenched clothes and warped umbrellas, so we popped back a few days later and headed down to the banks of the loch for a slightly more sensible shoot!

Small wedding in Scotland by tiny wedding and elopement photographers Tino&PipSmall wedding in Scotland by tiny wedding and elopement photographers Tino&Pip

2015 was a cracking year for variety. We had already started to wind down our full day, ‘conventional’ wedding coverage in England, but the handful of weddings we did shoot were each so very different from the next! Vicky & Ben’s for example was actually just a small, informal wedding celebration, having already had their ceremony in Scotland (coincidence!), with only their closest family and friends. They played a little video/slideshow of their ceremony to their guests whilst they floated around in a little rowing boat on the lake! They also befriended a pair of lovable ponies!

Highland wedding and elopement photography by Tino&Pip

Our favourite wedding shoe/sock combo of 2015…

Small wedding and elopement photography by Tino&Pip

Kirsty & Mike wanted a few photos taken where they first met – romantic right – outside a petrol station in Hove! We LOVE quirks like that!

Tiny weddings and elopements by Tino&Pip

Sophie & Rob had a little wedding at home, which we have already blogged, so you can swoon over all the details and romance here!

Small wedding photography in the Scottish countryside by Tino&Pip

Think Rachel’s may be our favorite tattoo of the season – finished just in time for the wedding!

Alternative wedding and elopement photography by Tino&Pip

The best array of wedding cakes we have ever seen!

Small wedding and elopement photography in Scotland by Tino&Pip

Ruth & George had a Valentine’s Day wedding at Charles Dickens’ Bleak House which was featured on Love My Dress.

Seaside wedding and elopement photography by Tino&Pip

And here are the aforementioned Vicky & Ben floating on the lake…

Lochside wedding and elopement photography by Tino&Pip

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Non-traditional wedding pictures - breaking convention

Before digital became dominant in photography, we’d both played around with a whole bunch of film cameras. In fact, digital had such an effect on film that some very expensive cameras were made affordable and accessible –  and who wouldn’t want to try out some of those classics?! We managed to get our hands on medium format Hasselblad and Rolliefliex cameras, spending time shooting portraits, landscapes and street photography in square format, and for both of us, something about looking into those square viewfinders really hit home. 

We’ve chatted about this a lot over the years, and we realised that our natural instinct is to frame in a square. There’s something about composing in that square frame that really lets you bend so many of the standard rules of photography that are used in oblong photos, and I think we’d say we’re definitely fond of breaking rules of tradition! Of course we also love shooting oblong photos, and since we started Tino&Pip that is how we have always worked, but now we’d like to offer our couples a choice between oblong and square for their wedding photography. 

A few weeks ago, we shot our first tiny wedding in Scotland, in square format and we’re so excited about how they turned out! We can’t wait to blog them – watch this space!