Date24/04/16 TitleBondy & Sam

A Glencoe Engagement Shoot - exploring the rugged countryside of the Scottish Highlands

We are so excited to be attending Bondy & Sam’s wedding as guests… yes, actual wedding guests! Although from the sounds of their wonderfully unique wedding plans, we may just find ourselves camera to eye more often than not!

They came up from Brighton to stay with us last weekend, so we could show them around our new mountainous surroundings. Of course we took advantage of our trip to Glencoe and Glen Etive to take a few engagement photos…

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Date20/04/16 TitleGetting Ready Photos

Excitement, Honesty, Context + Lingerie

We missed out on the ‘getting ready’ photos when we eloped. We didn’t appreciate their significance until it was too late. We were so enthralled on the day of our elopement that we forgot to use our cameras as much as we would have liked. Martin often talks of a memory he has of me making a cup of tea in my wedding dress in our little holiday cottage, that he wishes he had caught on camera! Elopements require a different photographic approach – never has the narrative, the ‘real story’ of a wedding been so important. And that story begins with the preparations. It adds context and a grounding to the narrative, particularly with our honest, candid style. To us the beauty is in the honesty, so keep the mess… within reason mind… don’t leave your Spanx hanging on the back of the door or anything, but where some may see clutter, we see shapes, colour, composition, and above all, a story.

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Date29/01/16 TitleProposal Photos

Will you Marry Me? Proposals caught on camera...

Our Pinterest board ‘Wed’, as well as being filled with lots of un-wedding and elopement inspiration, has a few stunning mountaintop proposal photos, which got us thinking…

February promises to be littered with proposals – moments that will never be forgotten, stories that will be told again and again, and we can’t help but think that these momentous occasions should be captured on camera.

In this day and age, anyone can propose to their love at any time – Penny proposed to me (on my July birthday) and I will hold my hand up and say that I cried a lot! However, some may need a little extra encouragement… like a leap year tradition perhaps… like THIS year! So, as in the quaint little film ‘Leap Year’ that we watched the other day, on February 29th, women can take advantage of the leap year tradition in which girls can ask their boys to marry them!

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Date04/01/16 TitleHannah & Calum

A wild shoot on the banks of Loch Lomond

We left a few teasers on Hannah & Calum’s wedding post, and here are a few more of our favourites from their post-wedding shoot in all it’s moody glory! 

The atmosphere was intense in the aftermath of the storm we encountered on Hannah & Calum’s wedding day, and we were so incredibly lucky with that little touch of directional sunlight peeking through the heavy, dark clouds. 

One of the many things we have fallen in love with is the highly changeable Scottish weather – every time we leave home, the scenery looks entirely different with the moving highlights and shadows, clouds and rays, and we seem to forever have that beautiful sunlight after rain in which everything glows! We are so incredibly lucky!

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Date02/01/16 TitleHannah & Calum

A Tiny, & Stormy, Loch Lomond Wedding

What a welcome to the world of tiny weddings in Scotland! Hannah & Calum’s was one of a kind. They rented a swanky private house by Loch Lomond for themselves and their closest family and friends to stay in for the weekend. They had their ceremony in the lounge, lit only by an open fire, fairly lights and a small amount of dramatic directional daylight, to perfectly highlight the waves in Hannah’s dark silver/grey wedding dress.

We had grand plans to whisk them off and make the most of the stunning Loch Lomond scenery, that were scuppered somewhat by the raging storm. We did get a few cracking shots of them standing together braced against the wind and rain inches from the waters edge but we felt we needed some that were marginally less dramatic, so we headed back a few days later! We’ve included a few teasers here, but we plan to blog their post-wedding shoot in it’s entirety in the next couple of days.

UPDATE: We blogged Hannah&Calum’s post-wedding shoot!

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