Kind words from Rachel&Chris

“We just wanted to say that you guys are amazing. The feedback we’re getting from our wedding photos is outstanding. You captured the whole day in such a perfect way. We took Chris’s mum (who sadly missed the wedding) through the photos at the weekend and she said she felt like she’d actually been there now. We’ve shown other photographers and they are all saying that you shot the best wedding photographs that they have ever seen. Some snaps have even been used as reference on a shoot with Ray Winstone… which is funny!… Everyday someone new is commenting on how great the photos are. Chris’s company (a CGI company) have said the quality and retouching on the pics is outstanding. You’ve pleased a really tough crowd! Thank you so much again and we’ll definitely be in touch to order an album as we can’t stop looking at our pics online so we might as well look through a book instead!” Rachel &Chris    

A round up of the year's weddings, shoots & other shenanigans

We’re never sure what the correct protocol is when it comes to yearly round-ups – before or after new year?! Well, as you can see, we’ve taken a veeeery relaxed approach this time, as we’re now past the mid-point in January! 2014 ended up being a pretty amazing collection of experiences for us, most of which will stay with us forever. One of the reasons it’s taken us so long to get around to posting this is that we really struggled to reduce our favourite photos to a (reasonably) manageable number – when we started looking through last year’s shoots we really felt that it was our best and most varied work yet. We reckon this is down to the amazing weddings we got to photograph this year, which all seemed so different, full of character, and really rather relaxed when you consider that many people often see weddings as a big stresser!

Tino&Pip Photography Best of 2014-002Tino&Pip Photography Best of 2014-030Tino&Pip Photography Best of 2014-042Tino&Pip Photography Best of 2014-139Tino&Pip Photography Best of 2014-024Tino&Pip Photography Best of 2014-057

When we weren’t shooting weddings, we had plenty of other lovely people to photograph – last year we started offering lifestyle, storytelling baby shoots to our past couples, and it was often a wonder that we managed to do the shoots at all, considering how much yakking and catching up we were doing! It was beautiful to see couples whose wedding we photographed blossom into a family, and great to be able to photograph them in a slightly less demanding situation! 

Tino&Pip Photography Best of 2014-003

Of course, for our couples who are perhaps a little less comfortable in front of camera, we love to do an engagement shoot with them. We had some crackers this year, all of which really made things easier for our camera shy brides and grooms on their actual wedding days!

Tino&Pip Photography Best of 2014-035

You certainly couldn’t accuse the Choccywoccydoodah team of being camera shy – we’re not sure if we’ve ever met a group of people more confident in front of camera, although maybe we should expect that given that they seem to spend a lot of time on TV! We did some cracking shoots with the Christines and the Doodahs this year (and may have made it onto TV a couple of times ourselves in the process – talk about being camera shy: cringe!).


Other than a mini-moon in Edinburgh for a few days, we never really had a proper honeymoon. Well in 2014 we really put that to rights, with a massive 3 week, 5000 mile road trip around America’s other-worldy South-West. We built sandcastles in San Diego, (thanks to JT for the amazing lesson), and blew bubbles over San Francisco, thanks to 2nd cousin Mark’s ’73 Chevy Impala tour of the City! What an experience – we’re still talking about it all the time, and even built ourselves a website so we could have those beautiful landscapes at our fingertips!

DSC_6645DSC_6664 1

We’re not sure if it was that utterly amazing trip in the USA but since we’ve been back, we both seemed to have branched out into all kinds of other creative stuff away from Tino&Pip – in particular, Penny has been hard at work crafting all kinds of amazing things for her new Etsy shop, including some gorgeous art dolls (which are just stunningly quirky, each with their own character), and all kinds of bits and pieces for her Filofax Christmas present!



An intimate, relaxed, handmade wedding at The Bell in Ticehurst

Lucy&Dylan’s November wedding was a doozy – a laid back affair, full of handmade touches, that took place in one of the more unique venues we’ve seen – The Bell in Ticehurst, which has been beautifully decorated to incorporate original coach house features alongside much newer additions. The dining room was a beautiful mish-mash of eras, from the sunken dining table in the original coach house pit, to the 50’s-style neon sign and the naked light bulbs. We could see how Lucy&Dylan fell in love with it! The lodges out the back were perfect for guests to stay in, and the couple themselves had the most amazing lodge called the Love Nest, complete with a giant woven-branch bird’s nest edging the roof-terrace!

Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-029

Talk about making a wedding unconventional – with Lucy&Dylan using the giant bell to announce their words of thanks, they also decided not to have traditional speeches, instead providing an eclectic collection little bells for people to ring if they wanted to say a few words! 

Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-038Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-009Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-062

The Choccywoccydoodah ‘All You Need Is Love’ cake sat beautifully amongst all the vintage knick-knacks dotted around the venue and added an amazing splash of colour.

Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-084

The little handmade bits and pieces around the venue were just perfect, and brilliantly thought through. Everywhere we turned there was something new to discover, and the guests loved all of these little surprises. When we first met Lucy&Dylan, their creativity jumped out at us, and when Lucy mentioned that she was making her own dress, we couldn’t wait to see it on the day! The dress was gorgeous, and Lucy had even made pockets for it, which were absolutely perfect, not only because the relaxed hands-in-pocket look really suited the day, but because it also gave her a place to keep a sentimental family photo close!

Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-085Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-176

Lucy &Dylan were actually legally married a couple of weeks prior to their wedding, but wanted to do something a little more ‘them’ in from of their family and friends. Using a ribbon adorned with well-wishes penned by their guests on the day, they had a hand-fasting conducted by a humanist celebrant, which was so beautifully informal!

Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-300

Why not make the most of that amazing sunken dining table?! The perfect place for red carpet confetti and bouquet throwing, and from a photographer’s point of view, providing a great angle and clear shot of the moment! In fact it is as if everything at this stunning venue was designed taking into account, light, backdrops and angles for gorgeous wedding photos. We cannot wait to shoot another wedding here! Thank you so much to the wonderful Lucy&Dylan for inviting us to capture their day!

Tino&Pip Photography Lucy&Dylan-306

“Martin and Penny, I just don’t know where to begin, other than asking if you are indeed real life wizards! You are AMAZING AT WHAT YOU DO!!! We absolutely love the photographs and have spent the entire morning pouring over them and reliving our wedding!.. Your photographer’s eye is outstanding … and I’m chuffed to bits we found you!..Thank you both again, from the bottom of my heart … I always said the photos were the most important and now they’ve turned out to be just about the best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life! THANK YOU!!!” Lucy. Read the rest of Lucy&Dylan’s heart warming testimonial here.




Tattoo Inspired Bespoke Alternative Wedding Album Design

Beth&Tom’s wedding had an alternative, tattoo, rockabilly theme that we absolutely adored! For their bespoke wedding album design, we used the artwork from their wedding invitations created by Vickilicious, and added their names using a cute tattoo font. They also had tattoo inspired designs as centrepieces by Illustrated Ink in Etsy, which inspired the sketchy outline and dot design on the spreads. Love those bright colours too!



Kind words from Lucy&Dylan

“Martin and Penny, I just don’t know where to begin, other than asking if you are indeed real life wizards! You are AMAZING AT WHAT YOU DO!!! I absolutely love the photographs and have spent the entire morning pouring over them and reliving our wedding! Thank you so very much for all the work you’ve done … I’m over the moon with them and can’t WAIT to show my friends and family! You were both absolutely brilliant on the day and herded us all well. Your photographer’s eye is outstanding … and I’m chuffed to bits we found you! We will look forward to receiving the USB stick in the post and sharing a few pics on Facebook with friends too. Thank you again for your expert work you two … you make a wonderful duo!

Thank you both again, from the bottom of my heart … I always said the photos were the most important and now they’ve turned out to be just about the best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life! THANK YOU!!!” Lucy


“We chose Tino&Pip because we desperately didn’t want the stereotypical ‘wedding photos’ with uncomfortable, staged group shots or for our guests to feel uncomfortable with a lens in their face all day. We found Tino&Pip and after one look at their website we knew we had found just what we were looking for. Tino&Pip bring the word ‘cool’ to the world of wedding photography and run with it. Our photographs look like something out of an incredibly hip magazine and Martin & Penny’s ‘photographer’s eye’ is outstanding. Just when you think they must have seen every angle or photo opportunity in the room they bring even more out the bag. To work with, they are an absolute delight. Their joy of other people’s weddings is so evident. They 100% listen to what their client wants … they listen with their eyes wide open! Thank you Penny and Martin for creatively and cleverly allowing us to relive our wedding day again and again by simply looking back though our incredibly shot photographs.” Lucy&Dylan