10 Little Pointers...

We just LOVE an engagement shoot! It’s the perfect way for us to get to know you - your love story, what makes you smile, laugh and click as a couple, and how to get the best out of you on your big day! Many people are a little camera shy, so having an idea of what to expect, and getting a little practice in, will help you to relax and enjoy your wedding day couple shots. Best of all, it’s fun, quality time for you as a couple, a unique keepsake, a snap shot of your time together before you were married, and perhaps an opportunity to get some killer shots for your ‘save the dates’ or wedding invitations. In fact some of our couples have scattered them around their wedding venue or through their guest books, and even displayed them as centrepieces (with makes us very happy)!

Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-017Wedding Portfolio-009

1.  Location… These photos represent a snippet in time. We’ll discuss your favourite places or activities and use them as inspiration for the shoot. Your home is the perfect place to start – it’s comfortable, and people tend to pour their hearts into making their homes THEIR HOMES! Or how about the park you stroll in regularly, your favourite pub or coffee shop, junk shop, record shop, punting down the river even!? Perhaps consider your history as a couple – where did you meet? Whatever screams YOU!


2. Relax… Be yourself. It’s best when you can really relax and let your personality shine though. We don’t ask you to force a smile or give us your best Blue Steel, we just hang back and encourage you to simply interact with each other naturally. This may seem easier said, but with the right photographer you’ll soon get into the swing of it! In fact we’ll have a blast – honest!

Wedding Portfolio-045

3.  Clothes… Wear what makes you feel like YOU – something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Your personality shows through much more in your YOU clothes. Consider that your clothes should complement each others, without being too matchy! Steer away from outfits that are so smart or special that you’re afraid sit on that gorgeous bench with peeling paint, or lean against an old wall or a tree in the park!

4.  Timing… Consider light and colour – gentle early morning or golden hour evening light (the hour before sunrise or sunset) is perfect for any photo shoot, and it’s amazing how much of a difference this can make to the final result. Of course this doesn’t matter so much if we’re shooting indoors.


5.  Change it up… Maybe bring some different clothes to change things up a little – even if it’s just a extra jacket, it’s great for variety in your photos.

6.  Props?… Cute details shots are great to illustrate your interests, whether it’s funky headphones for the music-lover or a book or two for the quieter types, or a selection of sparkly headbands… oh and don’t forget the ring! Don’t force it though – if it doesn’t quite feel right, and it’s just not YOU, it’ll just look awkward. Don’t worry, your photos will look great regardless!

Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-002

7. Pets… Pets are great too, but if you bring a dog with you for example, make sure he/she has somewhere else to go so we can have you to ourselves for the rest of the shoot without any distractions! 

8.  Be brave… Classic shots are lovely, but push, push, push the boundaries! OWN your engagement photos… the phrase ‘you know the one where’ has no place here!!

Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-022

9. Mindset… Get in the right mindset – chat about the shoot with your partner in the few days leading up to the shoot, and really build up your excitement so that on the day you…

10… have fun!!! We really want our couples to enjoy themselves and spend some quality time which is why we encourage you to wear your favourite things and go to your favourite places – we want you to feel as comfortable as possible so you can really relax, enjoy and remember the shoot!


Engagement Photos... featuring one naughty little French Bulldog

Louise&Ryan’s cheeky little French Bulldog almost upstaged them on their engagement shoot, but they seemed plenty prepared for her antics – she’s so adorable you just can’t help but let her get away with a few things here and there! Once they had time to themselves though, they really relaxed and showed how utterly cute they are as a couple – just utterly natural with each other and great fun to photograph!

Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-017Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-021Louise&Ryan's Surrey Engagement Photos_Tino&Pip Photography-022

Cannot wait to see you guys get married! 



A Choccywoccydoodah Engagement Shoot

Tino&Pip Photography Kitty&Jing-022Tino&Pip Photography Kitty&Jing-048

Sometimes the little coincidences in life bring a smile to our face. When we asked Kitty & Jing where they’d like to have their engagement shoot, one of their options was the Choccywoccydoodah shop in London – one of those beautifully designed and delicious Choccywoccy cakes will be taking pride of place their wedding day!

Tino&Pip Photography Kitty&Jing-045

Now, when Kitty& Jing mentioned the shop, they were imagining a shoot in the main shop and cafe, but we had other ideas – the rather stunning Secret Room upstairs, which we’ve had the pleasure of photographing before. With no other customers to disturb us, we spent an amazing hour with Kitty&Jing, & boy were they great!

Who wouldn’t love shooting such a gorgeous, super-friendly couple who were happy to try anything?! We cannot wait to shoot their wedding! Thanks so much to you both, and thanks also to Choccywoccydoodah for letting us use their Secret Room!



A Windsor Engagement Shoot

We knew this was gonna be a great shoot when we saw some photos posted on Facebook by Stephanie&Jordan, who had retraced their steps around some of their favourite places in Windsor ready for their shoot. When we met up with this gorgeous couple, they were immaculately presented, perfectly colour coordinated and wearing awesome shoes! Thanks so much guys, for being so fun to spend time with, showing us around one of your favourite places (including the spot where Jordan proposed!), and letting us take your pics whilst we were at it!

Wedding Portfolio-009Steph&Jordan-026