Commercial shoots
We specialise in commercial photography for wedding suppliers. We have had a number of commissions, including product photography for Choccywoccydoodah and Chez Bec, fashion shoots for Oh My Honey and Creatiques, and promotional material for Vintage Scoops.
We work closely with you to create the perfect impression for your clients. Get in touch to discuss your ideas and we can provide you with a custom quote.
Scroll through the blog posts below to get a feel for what we can offer…

Chocolate, Magic & Spells in Choccywoccydoodah's Witches Kitchen

We realised not long ago that we’ve been so busy this year that we haven’t had a chance to visit Choccywoccdoodah’s new shop and cafe in Brighton! Well we got our chance the other day when we were invited to attend the launch party of the new Witches Kitchen, where you can create your own Choccywoccydoodah masterpiece, with tuition from some of the lovely Doodahs themselves! After a tour of the shop and cafe (which are amazing!) given by Christine herself, we were each given a little space to work in, and a choice of Choccywoccydoodah items to decorate. Penny chose a couple of mini skulls, and I went with two choccy willies…

Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen003Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen005
Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen006Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen007Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen008Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen010 Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen011 Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen012 Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen013Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen004Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen014 Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen015Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen016Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen017

Helped by the Doodahs, who were painted as witches and skeletons, we had a blast decorating with chocolate flowers, leaves and sweets, then piping melted chocolate and dusting with choccy glitter. After the glittery chocolate dust had literally settled, our chocolate creations were beautifully wrapped and presented, ready for us to take home with us. We really can’t recommend heading to the Witches Kitchen enough – it would be a brilliant activity for a birthday or hen party! 

The Choccywoccydoodah Photography Book

How effing proud are we?! “Pages 60 to 63, 66 to 69, 76 to 117, 120 to 155, 182, 192 to 195, 201 to 209, 212 to 221, 224 to 236 and 239 were photographed by Tino&Pip!” That’s us!! Massive thanks to Christine and her uber-talented team of Doodahs for involving us in their adventures – honoured, and can’t wait for the next one!


P.S. The Choccywoccydoodah photography book is available to buy online and in their Brighton and London shops.

Fabulous Flora at Dodo Vintage

We’re always pretty chuffed when we set up our stand at a wedding fair and take a step back – we pride ourselves on making it as colourful and eye-catching as possible! Well a few months ago we ran into Donna from Fabulous Flora whilst exhibiting at Belle’s Bridal Bazaar, and found someone who takes colour and pattern as seriously as we do! Not only are her stands bright and colourful, but she makes some pretty special button bouquets (which we’re hoping to get some pics of soon!).

Tino&Pip Photography-Fabulous Flora-007

Whilst we were chatting to Donna, she mentioned an amazing shop on Brighton called Dodo Vintage, and how it would be pretty special if we could do a shoot there with some of her floral arrangements. Well we are never shy of looking at gorgeous old objects, and jumped at the chance. When we arrived, we completely understood why Donna had fallen in love with the place, and it was absolutely perfect as a backdrop to set off her flowers – the mix of shabby chic and industrial pieces worked beautifully with both the softer palettes and the bolder ones. We love your flowers Donna, and congratulations on your newly opened shop in Worthing!