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Date18/01/15 TitleThe Year 2014

A round up of the year's weddings, shoots & other shenanigans

We’re never sure what the correct protocol is when it comes to yearly round-ups – before or after new year?! Well, as you can see, we’ve taken a veeeery relaxed approach this time, as we’re now past the mid-point in January! 2014 ended up being a pretty amazing collection of experiences for us, most of which will stay with us forever. One of the reasons it’s taken us so long to get around to posting this is that we really struggled to reduce our favourite photos to a (reasonably) manageable number – when we started looking through last year’s shoots we really felt that it was our best and most varied work yet. We reckon this is down to the amazing weddings we got to photograph this year, which all seemed so different, full of character, and really rather relaxed when you consider that many people often see weddings as a big stresser!

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When we weren’t shooting weddings, we had plenty of other lovely people to photograph – last year we started offering lifestyle, storytelling baby shoots to our past couples, and it was often a wonder that we managed to do the shoots at all, considering how much yakking and catching up we were doing! It was beautiful to see couples whose wedding we photographed blossom into a family, and great to be able to photograph them in a slightly less demanding situation! 

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Of course, for our couples who are perhaps a little less comfortable in front of camera, we love to do an engagement shoot with them. We had some crackers this year, all of which really made things easier for our camera shy brides and grooms on their actual wedding days!

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You certainly couldn’t accuse the Choccywoccydoodah team of being camera shy – we’re not sure if we’ve ever met a group of people more confident in front of camera, although maybe we should expect that given that they seem to spend a lot of time on TV! We did some cracking shoots with the Christines and the Doodahs this year (and may have made it onto TV a couple of times ourselves in the process – talk about being camera shy: cringe!).


Other than a mini-moon in Edinburgh for a few days, we never really had a proper honeymoon. Well in 2014 we really put that to rights, with a massive 3 week, 5000 mile road trip around America’s other-worldy South-West. We built sandcastles in San Diego, (thanks to JT for the amazing lesson), and blew bubbles over San Francisco, thanks to 2nd cousin Mark’s ’73 Chevy Impala tour of the City! What an experience – we’re still talking about it all the time, and even built ourselves a website so we could have those beautiful landscapes at our fingertips!

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Date01/12/14 TitleRock n Roll Bride

WIN your dream wedding cake from Choccywoccydoodah (our photos on Rock n' Roll Bride)


We’ve done various product shoots for Choccywoccydoodah over the past few years, and some of the photos are featured on Rock n’ Roll Bride today (the first 6, then 10, 11 and 14 are ours)! But nevermind that… go WIN yourself a spectacular bespoke wedding cake!

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Date24/10/14 TitleChoccywoccydoodah

Chocolate, Magic & Spells in Choccywoccydoodah's Witches Kitchen

We realised not long ago that we’ve been so busy this year that we haven’t had a chance to visit Choccywoccydoodah’s new shop and cafe in Brighton! Well we got our chance the other day when we were invited to attend the launch party of the new Witches Kitchen, where you can create your own Choccywoccydoodah masterpiece, with tuition from some of the lovely Doodahs themselves! After a tour of the shop and cafe (which are amazing!) given by Christine herself, we were each given a little space to work in, and a choice of Choccywoccydoodah items to decorate. Penny chose a couple of mini skulls, and I went with two choccy willies…

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Date20/01/14 TitleChoccywoccydoodah

Cakes in the Wood

Our hearts were in our mouths the whole time as we watched these precious Choccywoccydoodah masterpieces being carried from the van to the heart of the woods in what can only be described as a mud bath! Slip sliding and sinking in the mud was all part of the fun of this woodland bespoke cake shoot!

Choccywoccydoodah Bespoke Cakes Commercial Product Photos_Tino&Pip-001


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Date10/12/13 TitleChoccywoccydoodah Photo Book

Our Choccywoccydoodah in Print

How effing proud are we?! “Pages 60 to 63, 66 to 69, 76 to 117, 120 to 155, 182, 192 to 195, 201 to 209, 212 to 221, 224 to 236 and 239 were photographed by Tino&Pip!” That’s us!! Massive thanks to Christine and her uber-talented team of Doodahs for involving us in their adventures – honoured, and can’t wait for the next one!


P.S. The Choccywoccydoodah photography book is available to buy online and in their Brighton and London shops.