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Date10/02/13 TitleBridal Boot Fair

Belle's Bridal Boot Fair, Brighton

We just love the concept of a bridal boot fair! In the build up to our wedding, we spent many a dawn at our local boot fairs stocking up on coffee and fresh doughnuts…sorry, rummaging through old junk to find the perfect treasures for our wedding. So what better way to simplify the experience than to provide one marketplace where brides and grooms can sell on some of the prize finds from their own wedding, and sprinkle in a few special wedding vendors too?!


As you may or may not know, we got married ourselves last year, and visited a bridal boot fair in Brighton on the off-chance that we might might find something to add a special sparkle to our own wedding. And we did! The crystals in Penny’s bouquet were upcycled from a lovely bride who had made gorgeous crystal bouquets for herself and her bridesmaids. Well this year, we decided that Belle’s Bridal Boot Fair was the perfect opportunity to recycle the three crates of crockery we had amassed over a year of wedding planning! We met a number of other brides and grooms doing the same, some of whom had spent ages DIYing bits for their own wedding.

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Of course, it’s not easy working a stall for hours at a time, chatting to excited couples! Sometimes you just have to take a tea break, so The Tea Set and  Doily Days had set up a kitchen with mouth-wateringly tasty food. Plus there were Tunnock’s Tea Cakes – say no more. 

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Whilst there were plenty of beautiful pre-made items on sale, up on the stage couples could find all the bits and pieces they needed – along with some expert knowledge – on how to make their own bunting, jewellery, and flower displays. This was the perfect spot for the DIYers out there. As a ‘seasoned’ origami expert (having made about 300 butterflies for our wedding after an amazing tutorial from my sister-in-law), I really appreciated this addition to the Fair!

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Prize for the most colourful stand we’ve ever seen at any wedding-related fair went to Donna from Fabulous Flora – you just couldn’t not look! Not only that, but she had an incredible colour tattoo to match! Anyway, here are a few more from the day – I might have had a bit too much fun photographing, but there was so much amazing stuff!


The rest of the story…

This is just a selection of our favourite photos from the day, but we’ll be posting all the photos on Facebook soon!

Here are some of the lovely exhibitors:
Natascia Fileppi -The Vintage Milliner
Photo Booth Boutique
Vintage Events
Rockin’ Mark Vis
Sussex Love Bug
Sussex Cutting Garden
Wooden Angel Vintage
Make Fabulous Events
Erika Langley Bridal
Button Bridal
Doris Loves


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