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Date18/02/13 TitleBrighton Tattoo Convention

Artists & Walking Canvases

We visited Brighton Tattoo Convention this weekend armed with our trusty camera phone, and were wowed by the expanse of tattoo artists and their walking canvases, sporting beautiful artworks! With people queuing around the corner when we arrived, and the pulsating sound of a band warming up to keep us entertained, we were dying to get in! It was completely worth the wait. The buzz in the queue gave way to that glorious buzz of the tattoo guns, and we were greeted with two floors of artists, deep into designing and tattooing. This had a remarkably different feel to the wedding fairs we’ve done in the past at the same venue! 

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The rest of the story…

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Of course, it wasn’t just tattoo artists on show – there were bars and food stalls, and shops selling a range of eclectica – from stunning, brightly patterned baby clothes to gothic scatter cushions. The atmosphere was so relaxed – there was chat and banter between the artists and visitors, and everyone was happy to be snapped by the multitude of photographers stalking round the event.

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Some of the stands were full of pattern and colour, which fit in pretty well with the crazy hotel carpets! Oh, and watching seemed to be the order of the day – nowhere to hide here! Had to take this shot – love Dexter!

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We ran into Louise from Oh My Honey too, exhibiting some of her beautiful dresses! 

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The cloakroom had a photo studio for all those brand spanking new tattoos!

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Of course, we couldn’t help discussing designs with some of the artists while we were there. It kinda surprised us how many different nationalities were represented. A couple of the guys from TV shows Miami Ink and LA ink were exhibiting, along with artists from around the world – we saw Italy, Germany, Norway, Spain, France, Mexico and Belgium, and reckon there were probably tattooists from a few more countries there too.

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Just couldn’t help sneaking off into a quiet corner for a cuddle and a smooch!

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