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A happy warm summery DIY red & white river boat picnic wedding

We’ve been dying to share this one with you for ages, but for one reason or another today’s the day! We loved photographing this wedding so much! It really left a lasting impression on us actually! Asha&Walid were so thoughtful in the way they planned their fun-packed day – every detail was designed to entertain their guests. There wasn’t a minute of downtime, yet everything flowed so well, it was actually a really calming atmosphere, even for us! We’ve never seen so many happy, beaming faces at a wedding! The June sun beat down and the breeze was wonderfully cooling… and perfect for kite flying, which there was in abundance!

Tino&Pip Photography Asha&Walid-073Tino&Pip Photography Asha&Walid-368

Asha handmade hundreds of little red and white lovebirds, which sat in pairs all over the fencing around the deconsecrated chapel, and dotted here there and everywhere. They matched the picnic blankets, cushions, lolly-pops, the straws, the plates, the baskets, the kites, and even the balloons which helped lead the way from Windsor Guild Hall to the boat!

Tino&Pip Photography Asha&Walid-293

Pretty much everything was beautifully handmade, including crochet strawberry and daisy buttonholes for ALL the guests, red fabric flowers for the dress, personalised passports and boarding passes to be stamped by two of the kids in captains’ hats, lollypop bouquets for the flower girls, ‘Vicar of Dibley’ inspired light-up bridal bouquet, ‘survival kits’ for the guests including jammy dodgers and mini homemade kites… the list goes on!

Tino&Pip Photography Asha&Walid-306

Oh, and they even threw on red noses here and there… just for fun!

Tino&Pip Photography Asha&Walid-399

Asha&Walid had their fist dance just as the sun was dropping, on the boat on their way back to Windsor… photographers dream!

Tino&Pip Photography Asha&Walid-426




A List of Alternative Wedding Fairs across the UK in 2014

So wedding fairs can be a bit icky. More often than not, you’re faced with an underwhelming, uninspiring sea of ivory and talked at by wedding suppliers that all blend into one by the time you get home! But they’re not all like that, honestly! There are a handful of events out there that offer alternative, bespoke, unique, quirky, expressive, fresh, fun, creative, innovative, memorable suppliers and inspiration for your big day! (Yes, I know that’s a big list of buzz words)!

Researching alternative wedding fairs is way harder than it should be – we couldn’t find an actual list of alternative wedding fairs anywhere! It took the best part of a day of trawling through the interweb to compile the list below for our own reference initially, but we figured if we’re struggling you probably are too, so we thought we’d better share it! If we’ve missed any, and I’m pretty sure that’s likely, please comment below and we’ll be sure to look it up!



2nd- Alternative Wedding Fair- Waterfront Hall, Belfast 

9th- Glasgow Wedding Collective- The Lighthouse, Glasgow

16th- A Fanciful Affair Wedding Fair- Chelmsford 



9th- Wedding Event with a Difference- Nottingham Conference Centre, Nottingham

15th- Quaint Queer Weird- Corn Exchange, Brighton



4th & 5th- A Most Curious Wedding Fair- Hackney Downs Studios, London

6th - Tie the Knot- Elmore Court, Elmore, Gloucs

8th- The Vintage and Alternative Wedding Fair- Cambridge Union Society, Cambridge

12-13th- The Fabulous Wedding Festival- Port Eliot, Cornwall

19th- A Most Curious Wedding Fair- St Andres’s Hall, Norwich

26th- Weird and Wonderful Wedding World- At-Bristol, Bristol

26th- The Vintage and Alternative Wedding Fair- United Reformed Church, Wanstead, London

27th- Chosen Boutique Wedding Fair- Islington Assembly Hall, London



11th- Quirky Boutique Wedding Fair- Brighton Centre, Brighton

11th- The Vintage and Alternative Wedding Fair- Harpenden Public Halls, Harpenden, Herts

11th- Tie the Knot- Hexton Manor, Hexton, Herts


We will keep this list updated. Please bear in mind, that although we would love to travel around the country visiting these fairs, it’s just not possible, so these are more suggestions that recommendations!


The Advantages of doing a 'First Look'

We often whisk our couples off for photos during their drinks reception before they sit down to eat. Your guests will be happy catching up with one another, champagne in hand, whilst we slip off for half an hour. However, the ideal time is actually before the ceremony. Although a ‘first look’ is becoming more and more popular, a lot of couples choose not to do it because of tradition and/or family expectations, and we completely get that, but we feel we should point out a few of the advantages…


Steal the ‘first look’ moment for yourselves… A room full of eyes will be on you as you enter the ceremony room. It’s an amazing feeling – one you’ll never forget, but it may well be somewhat distracting from the moment your eyes meet with your love. Why not make the most of each independently, allowing you to indulge in time with the person you love most, as well as soaking up the whole wedding experience? Plus, by the time you start to walk down the aisle, you’ll have one less thing to be nervous about!

Less time pressure… Often things can overrun a little, if the ceremony starts a bit late, or the group shots take longer than expected because Uncle Pete disappeared to the loo or something, so getting your couple shots out of the way beforehand allows you to take your time and enjoy the only moment you’ll get to yourselves all day – clock watching is one hell of a mood killer!

More time with guests… The time you have between your ceremony and wedding breakfast is the first chance you’ll get to say hello and enjoy a glass of champagne with all your family and friends, we’d rather not take you away from that lovely time! Of course, it also means we have more time to capture those wonderful storytelling photos, whilst you and your guests go about enjoying your day!

Your ‘first look’ is a once in a lifetime photo opportunity… Whilst we’ll capture it at the very best your ceremony room’s layout and lighting will allow during the 30 second processional, having more time to revel in the moment, in a gorgeous, intimate setting, where we can adapt the shot for the available light, will be more fruitful. With all those people watching, and a ceremony to crack on with, you’re less likely to give into the urge to grab each other and squeal “you look gorgeous’”and “oh my God we’re getting married”!

Immaculate hair and make-up… This is the point at which you will both look at your absolute best – before the happy tears and Grandma’s lipstick marks! Just a thought!


Tino&Pip's Favourite Alternative Wedding Photos of 2013-001

A Humanist Wedding in the Woods with Big Rustic Tipis

FUN was the emphasis on Jess&Rob’s wedding day! They had been to too many serious weddings and at the end of the day, it’s meant to be a celebration of love so they wanted a light-hearted ceremony and a laid-back atmosphere throughout the day… and they succeeded! The wonderful thing about a Humanist ceremony, is that it is purely focused on YOU – your time together as a couple (often including a few anecdotes),  your favourite music (a sing along even), and you can choose to include as many or as few of your celebrant’s ideas as you like… hmmm, I feel a whole other blog post coming on!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-227

The whole day was held at Jess’ dad’s farm in West Sussex. The décor was simple, natural and inexpensive with hundreds of candles in jam jars, wine bottles filled with flowers hanging in the trees, hand painted signs to lead the way, rustic flower arrangements, and wooden archways covered in hops.

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-032

Jess wore an Amanda Wyatt (Beatrix) wedding dress with white converse shoes – a gorgeous combination, true to herself and perfect for a woodland wedding!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-039

Jess’ six best friends, wore ivory dresses found in the Monsoon Bridal sale and handmade bohemian-esque headpieces. They hand-picked some of their flowers from the countryside and ordered the other half loose from a florist to keep costs down. (We love seeking honesty in detail shots).

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-124Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-145

Of course, the heavens opened just as Jess and her bridesmaids made their way to an excitable Rob! The colourful brollies were gorgeous for the photos mind! 

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-162Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-176

Jess wasn’t worried about getting her dress caked in mud! Let’s face it – you get one chance to wear your dress so you gotta make the most of it, come rain, shine or mud!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-221

We do love a sense of humour at a wedding…

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-271

Especially here on their ‘guest bench’ – a genius alternative wedding guest book idea!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-302

Martin especially, loves shooting after dark! Bottling atmosphere in our photos is so important to us, so capturing moments like this without blasting it with flash, while sometimes technically challenging, is extra rewarding!

Tino&Pip Photography Jess&Rob-422

♥ ”Tino&Pip were AMAZING! We didn’t even notice them being there and we LOVE the photos!”