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Chocolate, Magic & Spells in Choccywoccydoodah's Witches Kitchen

We realised not long ago that we’ve been so busy this year that we haven’t had a chance to visit Choccywoccdoodah’s new shop and cafe in Brighton! Well we got our chance the other day when we were invited to attend the launch party of the new Witches Kitchen, where you can create your own Choccywoccydoodah masterpiece, with tuition from some of the lovely Doodahs themselves! After a tour of the shop and cafe (which are amazing!) given by Christine herself, we were each given a little space to work in, and a choice of Choccywoccydoodah items to decorate. Penny chose a couple of mini skulls, and I went with two choccy willies…

Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen003Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen005
Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen006Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen007Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen008Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen010 Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen011 Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen012 Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen013Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen004Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen014 Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen015Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen016Tino&Pip Photography Choccywoccydoodah Witches Kitchen017

Helped by the Doodahs, who were painted as witches and skeletons, we had a blast decorating with chocolate flowers, leaves and sweets, then piping melted chocolate and dusting with choccy glitter. After the glittery chocolate dust had literally settled, our chocolate creations were beautifully wrapped and presented, ready for us to take home with us. We really can’t recommend heading to the Witches Kitchen enough – it would be a brilliant activity for a birthday or hen party! 

A Fun, Tattoo Themed Alternative Wedding

Tattoo Themed Alternative Wedding by Tino&Pip Photography-009

With rather busy schedules and a reasonable drive to reach each other, we resorted to Skype for our first meeting (and probably spent half our time looking at ourselves in the inset screen to make sure we didn’t look like a couple of dufuses!). Over the very vocal approval from Beth&Tom’s dog Brody, we could see their great style and love for each other, and we couldn’t wait to photograph their wedding!

Tattoo Themed Alternative Wedding by Tino&Pip Photography-001

Tom and his groomsmen all had the most amazing sleeve tattoos (save for best man Ed), and when we chatted to Tom he explained that the plan was for the guys to all roll up their shirt sleeves to really show off the artwork on their arms. It was pretty incredible. Being a summer wedding, they felt that suit jackets would be uncomfortable and unnecessary, and they looked pretty stylish without! Beth and the bridesmaids all had their own stunning tattoo work too, and their love of ink really flowed through the wedding, from the decor in Beth&Tom’s flat, to the stationery, table names & cupcakes. The bold designs and colours really set off well against the barn reception venue!

Tattoo Themed Alternative Wedding by Tino&Pip Photography-002Tattoo Themed Alternative Wedding by Tino&Pip Photography-001-2Tattoo Themed Alternative Wedding by Tino&Pip Photography-003
Tattoo Themed Alternative Wedding by Tino&Pip Photography-008

Unfortunately the weather in the couple of days prior to the wedding hadn’t been kind enough to let Beth&Tom’s ceremony go ahead in the beautiful woodland at their venue,  but they decorated the inside of the barn beautifully. As we wandered around the old farm buildings at the venue, we had no problems finding quirky backdrops and unusual angles for shots of the two of them!

One of the real highlights of the day was the time spent having our photos done – Penny and Martin have such a brilliant, relaxed approach that Tom and I both felt really comfortable and just enjoyed spending time together while they took our pics. Everyone always says that you need to try and snatch a few moments together on your wedding day, we felt that we ended up with a whole hour!” Beth&Tom (Read the rest of their testimonial here).

Tattoo Themed Alternative Wedding by Tino&Pip Photography-006Tattoo Themed Alternative Wedding by Tino&Pip Photography-012

Thanks so much guys for you and your guests being so relaxed and welcoming – we had an amazing day!




Kind Words from Ailsa&Ian

“The photos look awesome! Thank you so much, they really are better than I ever expected! Ailsa and I are so happy with them!”

“Penny and Martin were amazing, we hardly even noticed them snapping away all day and the photographs are exactly what we wanted, they have captured the atmosphere and told the story of the day perfectly! Perfection comes to mind and they were so lovely too!” Ailsa&Ian (for Love My Dress wedding blog feature).